My weekly calendar

While I tend the shrine daily and my Vodouns, I do have other regular practices. This is my own devised weekly calendar not counting sacred days through the month.
Monday I have established as the beginning of the new week and end of the old week (it is at once the 8th day and the 1st way of conciling the Etruscan week with the modern week). This is my holy day of the week…my busiest day. I honor Shiva in the morning. Apulu and Artumes are especially honored. Day also for Culsans (Etruscan equivalent ofJanus), Uni Ati and Tinia Apa.
Tuesdays are for Nethuns and Menrva
 Wednesday is for Phersipnai
Thursdays are for Hercle and Fulfuns
Fridays are for Turan Ati
Saturday honors Cel Ati and Letun (Leto)
Sundays are for Usil


Lack of Static State with the Gods 

Nothing exists in a vaccum, nothing dwells in a static state of not changing. This is especially true of our relationship with the gods . In retrospect of the last 23 years as a polytheist…it is rather remarkable.

To give some context…when I began I was 14. I had been familiar with the gods from age 12 with my first readings of mythology. Back then I was Greco-Roman fluid. This was due to two things…1. That most written material was about the Hellenic Religion, and 2. I could not dismiss my Italian ancestors (at that time I was unclear of where my great grandfather gad immugrated from.) I did get more active in Religio Romana due to it being the first organization I was in contact with, and then floated over to dominantly Hellenic when I studied Orphism and gained friends in Greece and among American Hellenic Reconstructionists. More recently my ancestors and gods joined together these backgrounds to put me on the coyrse hinted at with serving and honoribg my gods as they truly were to me. Understanding my gods as Etruscan made a lot of connections stabilize and get stronger….this is especially true if Turan when I had a mixed relationship with Aphrodite. 

Traditions aside which one may pass through by lot or direction of the gods…the gods themselves may change in their relationship. For berevity sake I shall refer to my gods by Etruscan names, although I will give their Hellenic and Roman equivalents initially. In the beginning it was Artumes (Artemis/Diana) who was the fore divinity for me in all absoluteness. Then there was Menrva (Minerva/Athena) for my art and study, and Nethuns (Neptune/Poseidon) for the sea so loved…and being a coastal Alaskan island born much of my diet was fish. In my 20s Apulu (Apollo (n)) started becoming mire present until he moved to the foreground with Artumes. Menrva dropped back. She started pushing back foreward in 2009 but it has been gradual. All the while Turan (Venus/Aphrodite) was demanding equal honor with Artumes that I failed time and again to provide.  Meanwhile Uni (Juno/Hera) was respected but I never conbected with her, despite her obvious close network with Artumes. I dont know if it was because I failed to recognize her power abd direct influence in my life I am not sure. Whereas I was always detached with Hera, it wasnt until I finally embraced my Etruscan hereditary gods that all of a sudden the queen of the heavens came into my life with her  banners and glory so to speak.  What among women woukd gave been a natural transition from tge domain of Artemis to Hera never happened until then. Artumes is still with Apulu and Turan is now recognized as my family’s tutelary deity…but Uni is just as there, whereas several gods are secondary or in the background. 

We cannot expect our relationship with the gods to not change. That deity who is the center of your world now may drop away or share the center stage with others. As you change professions/trades gods may come and go. As you transition to different stages of life or different focus in your activity. Some are gods that will be with you forever. It wont stay the same.

The financer and the business man

In households prior to the modern period which has demanded a large turnover if women to the work force, typically the mother or lady of the house was responsible for many financial aspects of the household. While men engaged with worldly affaurs, women were bargaining at the markets, accepting and paying for deliveries to the house, giving to charities, and often paying wages to staff (if there were any). She ran the house presumably like a well oiled engine.

Therefore when people praise and give coins to Mercury for his slick buisness acumin, it is a very different monetary function than with Iuno Moneta. Mervury will aid the growrh of business and aid business savy, but Iuno oversees every penny of the household budget and manages the overall wealth of the house. Mervury brings it in but Iuno invests it, divides it and pays expenses  and saves. My mother was born in the Orohic month of this goddess and never have I seen money saviness such as she possesses…truly a gift from this goddess. 

By all give coins to Mercury but lets not forget a small money box or coin pouch for Iuno.

Chthonic Dionysos Box winner

In the course of the ritual, reading all the heart felt invitations I felt in the air a rise of fixed attention and outpouring of tenderness. Every one appeared to be very well received. After the offering of poems and incense and wine he charged my small son, not even yet 2 years old, to select eith chubby untainted innocent hand to whom Dionysos selected. 

The chosen is Fayruz. 

Everyone else who submitted please email me your mail address, that you may have a print. Please allow a couple weeks for mailing lol.

Chthonic Dionysos giveaway

The generous contributor decided that this Dionysos package should go to a worshipper of this form of Dionysos who lives in the USA (for shipping reasons).

Rather than myself selecting someone Dionysis will. You have two weeks to send a prayer inviting him to your home. Dionysos, after each prayer is read to him, will decide by lot who will receive him. Package includes a cult icon, a painted icon a dark spiced Dionysos oil.

All prayers are due by October 23. The reading and drawing will be done Halloween night.

Send submissions to 

Update: while there can only be one winner, it has been made clear to me Dionysis wants everyone to “win” because he lives his devotees. So if he doesnt select you fir the ultimate prize he will show his love of your offering via a 5×7 print.

Please be aware that these may have to be mailed iver a period of a couple months if there are a lot of submissions 🙂