The issue of feminine “pollution”

There is something to be pondered of the entire issue of feminine pollution. I am not saying that females are in and of themselves inherently a pollutant (which would be counterproductive seeing that I am female) or that anyone particularly thinks that. Rather I am talking of a monthly point during which woman have often been viewed as sources of contamination in several cultures. To the point where a woman menstruating was restricted to specific lodges, or had to refrain from touching certain things depending on the culture in question.

As a priestess menstruation has been an unavoidable part of female life that just can’t be ignored. If tried viewing this from many different standpoints. For a while I considered that maybe touching things on the shrine and providing a religious service during this time would be disrespectful and so would refrain from all religious activity during those points. For of all the gods it had seemed that any kind of pollution would be the most offensive to Apollon. Did he not cringe when his temple was visisted by the Furies trailing after Orestes? Did he not refuse at first to aid Herakles when he mistakenly murdered an innocent man/a friend. So I had reasoning that it would likely be of the highest insult to Apollon to approach him during this time.  However I have long since abandoned this form of reasoning.

No, it is not because I feel a sense of “empowerment” of the feminine flow as some women do. I think that this is the opposite end to the same problematic situation. At one end of the spectrum is an issue of pollution connected to the state of cleanliness and the shedding of life through menstruation. It takes to an extreme to where purity and cleanliness are considered nonpresent despite the individual’s hygene. Or, among more metaphysical folks, that they are spilling out energy. On the other hand, seeing it as some matter of high sacridity seems also too excessive.

In the end both extremes seem to me nothing more than superstition. One supersition saying it is polluting, or expelling energy, and other saying that it is “female magic” and empowering. Reason, which rightfully quashes superstition, says that this is just a part of the natural bodily function with neither a direct association to power or pollution. Instead, it is a matter of taking care of our bodily needs in a way that is not disrespectful to the gods.

Perhaps it may call on a bit more of a vigorous  regard for hygiene to take care of any B.O. and other side effects in addition to the main problem. And as to the main problem much of it can be fixed by a tampon which prevents external soiling. But this is really no more than what we would expect to do before any ritual to make sure that we are clean before proceeding, it just means that there may be more to be aware of. So long as one is keeping herself clean and in good order there is no reason that any woman should feel that she is polluting a sacred area or in any way being disrespectful to her god. Instead she is able to fully enjoy all aspects of her spiritual life without interruption, something for which I am quite happy for, because I loathed having to take “time off”.