How to support Oracle of the Serpent

With the failing of the kick starter as an all or nothing thing, I decided to write here a proposition for those who genuinely want to support getting this done on time. Honestly I gave plenty of time for painting through the summer. What I need is at minimum to be able to purchase canvas and paint (several colors I am now dangerously low on).

So how do you do it? Paypal me at and email me at the same address regarding you donation.

Aside from decks which will be mailed after the deck is completed, all other rewards will be mailed within 2 weeks of receiving donation (sometimes less time depending on what all you are getting). All rewards for receiving cards I will keep track of and you will be emailed when the decks are ready to mail.

$10- there is no reward other thank you for helping me buy 1 canvas 🙂

$25- you get a print of any of the currently completed cards.

$40- reserve a signed copy of the deck

$60- reserve a deck and get a print

$80- all of the above+photo pendant necklace.

$125- upgrade to gold trimmed (possibly limited edition gilded) deck

$150- upgrade deck plus upgrade pendant to silver medallion.

$250-all upgrades plus upgrade your print to an original painting out of what is available (you can wait to decide until they are all painted, but keep in mind if there is one you *really* like it is first come first served on claiming. I will list all those unclaimed when the cards are done)

Thank you everyone for you support and those who pledged in the kickstarter that sadly never jumped off the ground. If supporters don’t mind doing this direct sponsorship I think you will ultimately find it satisfactory. You will of course gave my sincerest thanks

Please stay in tune via Facebook page Oracle of the Serpent to keep the easiest updated on the progress of the cards! I will if course keep posting cards here as well.

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