belated thoughts on Kronia

A while back I celebrated Kronia, and being embroiled in as many things as I have been recently I just forgot to find the time to write about it. It is singularly a beautiful ritual in so much in that seems to celebrate the beautiful relationship between the mortal and the divine. This can be seen in the figure of Dionysos but also in the rulership of Kronos over the Blessed. Thereby we can see a direct association to the succor of humanity into achieving this state of spiritual elevation by transformation. This seems to have some likely relationship to the position of the Kronian hill to the stadium at Olympia where men competed. This inspired me then to write two poems for the occassion: Kronos and Aristaios. Both of which I enjoyed very much but I think I am a fraction more partial to the poem of Aristaios. So I offered the golden substance to the gods, yellow honey. That which has a mythic history of association with immortality, more historical associations with embalming if I remember correctly, and mythic associations with  divine nursemaids, the nymphs.  In this respect honey is a most appropriate offering during Kronia, and offerings made to the heroes departed, the inhabitants of the golden isles with offerings to the dead. It was a very meaningful ritual and I look forward to celebrating it again next year!