Icons for underprivileged worshipers Charity

Lykeias Botanica (my shop) will begin a service called Icons for Under privileged worshipers Charity. I will put my own money into it, 10% of my profits and be open to donations.

This charity is designed to accumulate funding to provide (1) 8-10 inch statue of deity of their choice plus shipping. Once appropriate funding and shipping has been achieved the person at the top of the wait list will receive an email confirming their selection and to inquire what icon they would like made.

With so many lacking the means for religious supply, as an iconographer I wanted to put something within reach of those who have little. But as I cannot fund it by myself this also depends on generous contributions for the lengthy and expensive process if making terracotta icons.

Much of time will be donated, therefore the mark to raise per statue is going to be about 50.00 plus shipping vosts..between 20.00-30.00 domestic, more for international. It will just depend on whose next on the list.

If you would like to donate send money via PayPal to lykeiabotanica@gmail.com

Every 2 weeks I will post an update where donations are sitting.

If you would like to be put on the waitlist please email me at lykeiabotanica@gmail.com with following questions answered:


Why would you like to be on the list?

Valid contact info?

It is that easy. This is 100% dependant on honesty of applicants and generosity of coworshipers.


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