sun salutations

Or rather that is what they are being called in kyklos Apollon. I can’t say that I ever had a name for my daily libations and prayers to Apollon. It was just my daily routine. Wake up, give libation, sometime midday pray and libation (libation part if I am home or somewhere where it is possible), evening pray and libation. Kyklos is organizing it up a bit more than what I have ever done, and that is not a bad thing. If nothing else I am making more of an effort to be up by sunrise in order to do libations, and I am nearly always still awake at midnight for the mid-night libations that honor the departed sun, or the sun in the underworld as it seems to be. So I working at aligning my schedule a bit more to the more regular schedule of what they are doing. It just means being a little more aware of setting aside certain times of the day rather than just doing it about when I think it should be done throughout the day 🙂

That said, I am still sticking to my own prayers. Because they are more meaningful to me and express my relationship with Apollon better. My relationship with often intersects those epithets that I feel are particular significant in my life and worship of the god. Foremost I honor Apollon Karneios (a rather widespread epithet of Apollon the Peloponnese, and for some reason or another I just lean towards to the Peloponnese though I have only been to Olympia, but even that was an experience to remember and ranks very high with me of all the places I have visited. Then I speak to Apollon as Delphinios, the god who is transitioning, the god who is traveling across the sea. Delphinios, though I think he doesn’t get as much attention as he should, he is a very powerful persona of Apollon. And lastly I speak to Phosphoros, Apollon who is bringing the light, the epithet which is significantly associated with the domain of light over which Apollon presides. And lastly acknowleding Helios.

Hail Karneios, ram-horned

Hail Delphinios, traveler across the sea

Hail Phosphoros, bringer of light

Hail Apollon! Hail Helios!

Simple but it works for me and signifies different functions of light. The genetitive function of light (through the symbol of the ram), the transcending function of the light (the dolphin), and the transformative function of light as the bearer of the light, leader of the mystics. Then finishing with a greeting to Helios.