About Lykeia

The following is some general information about me, the author of this blog.

1. The name Lykeia is a name that is my spiritual-religious name. It is more a part of my spiritual identity than my birth name and so I use it for almost all purposes excepting legal and work related purposes. Lykeia is my name that was given to me when I was in Hellas in 2008 during a small naming ritual conducted at Eleusis. As it is adapted from Apollon’s ancient epithet, Lykeios, it was chosen for me as it corresponds to my great love for Apollon, and alternatively refers to wolves and light. Lykeios is the first form of Apollon that I loved and worshiped all those years ago. It was in this form that I created my first artistic depiction of the god as well. This brings great meaning to this name given to me.

2. I am a Hellenic polytheist, with a strong Orphic leaning/education. I really haven’t experienced much outside of the Hellenic gods in the general pagan community as I was called to their worship when I was 14 years old. Brief experienced with Religio Romana and Stregheria in an attempt to connect with my Italian heritage did nothing but reinforce my love for Hellenismos.

3. Despite identifying as a Hellenic, I have no Hellenic bloodlines in my ancestrial heritage. The closest it gets is Tuscan via my great grandfather who immigrated from that part of Italy. Strangely I even though I have a great abundance of German heritage, and a German family name, I felt no calling from the Germanic gods. Even stranger when you consider that in growing up in Alaska (where I currently reside now) during the formation of my religious attraction, that I wouldn’t be attracted to northern deities that are linked to similar cold northern environments. I also have Irish ancestors, Black Foot Native American, Welsh, English, Scottish, and Prussian. As much as I honor this heritage, the bonds with Hellenic spirituality has put just as deep roots. I am also getting involved in Hinduism, and worship syncretically with my Hellenic gods. As an Alaska it brings some challenges considering that the environment here is very different than Hellas and India.

4. I hold a degree in history, mostly put to use by researching my religion, especially the worship of Apollon, for writing essays and my current project of writing booklets for the modern worshiper about Apollon. This part of my devotional service, and so even though my degree didn’t bring me a practical job out in the world, I have found that it allows me to do this meaningful activity and provide the information in a manner easily accessible for fellow worshipers and those who are interested.

5. I am a godspouse to Apollon. I belong to Apollon, and adore him beyond any mortal measure. I began establishing a relationship with Apollon in 2004 when he made a firm appearance in my life through my devotion to his twin, Artemis. It was only in retrospect years later that I recognized his touch throughout my life in subtle ways even as my youth was shaped by Artemis. He is the bringer of inspiration for my poems and my art. Inspiration comes like a fire that won’t be sated until it is fulfilled. I have visited his holy temple in Delphi, making the trek up to it twice and finding something new, beautiful and completely wondrous in each occasion. My devotional poetry can be found here.

6. Just because I am a godspouse doesn’t mean I am a seer. I do some of these things for myself but my calling to his service is through poetry (though Socrates was said to have related to close similarity between poets and seers when it comes to divine inspiration) and through art, for which I produce statues and paintings for worshipers. For quotes on something particular please feel free to drop me a note!

7. Other prominent gods of my oikos (household) are Artemis, Hermes, Hera, Zeus, Dionysos, Poseidon, Ares and Aphrodite. Much of this prominence has to due with the strong presence of these gods in the environment here in Alaska. Boreas has also gained some importance as I feel that Alaska lies within his spacial domain. Generally speaking I do offer worship to the 12 Olympians at the oikos altar, I also plan on making outdoor shrines in the yard for the nymphs in the flower garden, and one to Pan in the back garden where I will be planting herbs. I also honor Athena on the shrine she shares with Aphrodite and Hera, and though I give her worship on her auspicious days I can’t say she is prominent like the other two goddesses.

8. On a more mundane level, I am a bibliophile, a mom of a teenager, and the keeper of a housecat that thinks she is a jungle cat. I am into gardening, herbology, aromatherapy, yoga and other activities involved with spiritual development, health and well-being. I am still debating on whether or not Reiki will be worth getting into. I also love bellydancing, and am currently learning American Tribal Bellydancing. Music is also an important part of my mundane and spiritual life. I have several instruments I use in worship from a wooden flute, to a lyre, zils, and drums. I would love to get a violin again though because that was one of my favorite devotional activities and the music was soothing.

23 thoughts on “About Lykeia

  1. My good lady and I visited Delphi in 1997. What can I say..we were lucky enough to miss the tourist rush and were captivated by its serenity and beauty.

  2. Hello Lykeia,

    it’s funny…. as I read your words above I think: WTF? She talkes like me…

    I am so in love with HIM… it’s kind of obsessive but I think it’s alright as it is…
    Do you see yourself as a priestress?
    It’s now years ago since I had an initiation to his path but it is hard to find people who share that way. :-/

    • Hi Alexis,
      That is great that we are on the same page about Apollon (or if not the same a very similar one!)
      I am not sure if I claim such honor as being his priestss since I do not tend any temples for him other than the temple that exists in my heart that is. But in short I am his. I follow and serve him, as well as love and adore my god with all that I am.

      I don’t think that there is any initiation into this though. I am a Hellenic, and so my religion is Hellenismos, and while there were historically certain initiate mysteries within Hellenismos, I don’t think that this subject is included as a initiate thing as Plato speaks of the love between the soul and the god that the soul experiences attraction with and follows.

      I know of a couple of other people who have similar leanings such as this towards Apollon, so we do exist, we just may be a bit harder to find every now and then 😉

      • Thanks for your answer, Lykeia.
        My initiation (I call it so because I don’t know a better word for it) was more a decision… like… thinking about him and saying: “From now and forever I am yours. I will follow you from the depth of my heart.”
        There was no ritual but a tattoo. I made the decision on my very own.
        Some of my friends asked if I’m crazy to give myself to a god. 🙂 most of them are wicca or eclectic witches. So they could not understand how I can be so in love with one god/energy/aspect.

  3. Your path seems to have intensively taken on an intense role! It is clear that you are very serious about the mission you have chosen and I admire that dedication you have shown.

    I am curious about the title “Beloved in Light” because I very seldom feel the light has any reason to love any night owl wizard! Frankly, I often wish those who walk in the “light” would have the humility to recognize the independence of the darkness and intrude less where they are causing only needless concern and distraction from the deeper mysteries of the night!

    Perhaps you might understand and inspire some respect for the followers of NUIT.

    • No one has ever asked me that before, so I am pleased you have. Beloved in Light doesn’t refer to what you think exactly. But rather, that Apollon is that god which is beloved to me, and he dwells in his domain of light. Hence, beloved in light refers to him and my love and devotion to him.
      I am not entirely sure to what you refer by light walkers, since as a Hellenic I honor a number of deities which are associated with various functions of nature, though my adoration is for Apollon, there are deities of a nocturnal nature that I am fond of, and even Apollon has a brief nocturnal face as Noumenios, god of the first light of the new moon, and as a god of light in general is one that I associate with even the nocturnal lights such as the aurora borealis and the stars in the night sky. Likewise there is a period every winter in which Apollon departs for the far lands beyond the north, Hyperborea, which accounts for the waning of his light during the dark months before his return in the spring.
      As an Alaskan I have a strong appreciation for the dark periods which are significantly intense as is our daylight ones. Therefore I also have a strong regard for Nyx (Night).

  4. I was directed to your website by a friend of mine regarding your post on submissions for the Hera anthology. I consider myself a devotee of Hera and have worked primarily with her in her pre-Hellenic incarnation as a Great Goddess (or triple goddess) and how her roles as a triple goddess were separated amongst different goddesses during the Hellenic period. I also work with Hecate (I was born on her feast day, so her energry resonates very strong with me and a friend of mine who also shares the same birth date and we do a lot of work together).
    The work I do with Hera and Hecate is mostly individual, as the pagan community I belong to doesn’t follow one specific pantheon (we hop around between non-pantheon specific, Greek, Norse and Egyptian). The “work” I do is not always in ritual form, but a day-to-day way of living that honors Her and shows Her that I am trying to learn the lessons She is teaching me.
    I do have some rituals I wrote in honor of her (some I’m still working on as they require more of a “group” participation), based off of the research I’ve done and others just from what I “feel.” There seems to be little information out there on her cults (that I’ve been able to find), so I tend to go with what “feels” right. So far, it hasn’t steered me wrong.
    I am very excited about your anthology. Hera is a goddess that tends to be misunderstood and it is very heartwarming to see someone devote such time and effort to revealing Her true beauty.

  5. Greetings Lykeia! I was browsing through some books on Amazon and I came upon your book, Crowned with nine rays. Read the preview, and man, was I delighted with it! Twenty thumbs up to you! The best book on Hellenismos that I’ve come across by far, written by a devout and knowledgeable practicioner such as yourself. I’m buying it ASAP 🙂 I read you plan to write volumes for the other Olympians, I really hope you do so because we certainly need them. When do you think that the volume on Artemis will be available to us the general public?? May the Gods bestow many more blessings on you and your family and thank you… wholeheartedly!

    • Actually hold off for a bit because I am rereleasing it in a series of more thorough booklets. Right now I am trying to finish up Name of Apollon. I realized that Crowned with Nine Rays is ackward because I was trying to get as much in as possible without making it huge. The booklets will be cheaper, smaller and easier to update for that reason as they will deal with specific topics. After I finish Name of Apollon I will start the frame work for Name of Artemis. I would like to have this done before I write the volume Holy Torch which deals withtheir roles in the Eleusinian mysteries and the booklet that I plan which will explore the relationship of Apollon and Artemis. Things will just slowly build from there 🙂 The booklets of Apollon will come out a bit quicker though since I am reorganizing and expanding from Crowned with Nine Rays 🙂

      • Oh I see, I can’t wait to get my hands on them! 🙂 On a personal level I have always felt a personal connectiin to Apollon, my father is from Syria, home to Apollon’s great temple. And as we all know many of the Neoplatonist philosophers also hailed from the East where the worship of Apollon along with that of Helios was widespread

      • Lykeia, i’ve read your book, and the content is excellent, but if you plan on releasing more, I strongly suggest that you find additional editors. There were numerous orthographical and grammatical errors, as well as many sections that were ambiguous and lacked clarity. It made for a very frustrating reading experience, especially because when what you had to say was clear, it was very good.

      • I agree that having other editors besides what is in one’s own head is greatly helpful. I am hoping that when I put out the revised booklets (I am rewriting with the idea of doing smaller and more detailed subject-specific booklets) that it will not only be more informative but also have such an advantage. Thank you for your comments!

  6. I wondering if you’re near Anchorage, my friend Moma Fauna has an apartment that’s been turned into the pagan community center. They’re very diverse a group. Moma is an animist mushroom forager who honors some Roman Deities. Her blog Pray to the Moon is a way to contact them. They brought raven Kaldera there recently. I probably teaching pagan gods and elementals and animist background basic astrology, by teaching people by Skype at the center to read their charts using paganism to understand it. There’s a themela group, a big Wiccan group with two High Priestesses, no High Priest, and some polytheist loners.

    Also when you said you don’t tend a temple, do you know of the interactive online shrines? I’m doing Rhiannon one, Artemis already has one, there’s over 50 here.


    I think you already have everything to do it!

    Peace, Heather

    • Oh yes I know Mama Fauna…I just don’t get across town often (I am on the opposite end of the city lol). Unfortunately I wasn’t in a position to attend Rave Kaldera’s worshops when he was here. I don’t do much with interactive shrines, although I have always made my personal one here available. I used to host rituals and the like in my house but haven’t done it for a while since there wasn’t really a turn out for it lol

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