I offer the following services in my service to Apollon, Artemis and Leto. For any of the following services email

1.  Full ritual to Apollon (Artemis or Leto) with full offerings and libations on your behalf at their shrine. $35.00This covers the use of regular supplies for worship:wine, oil, sometimes perfume in case of the goddesses, incense, honey, and baking goods for sacrificial cakes. Additional charge may be applied for special additions requested.

2.  Composed hymn for Apollon (Artemis or Leto). $15.00

3. Choice between a 18 inch or 10 inch statue of Apollon (or Artemis or Leto) blessed and consecrated with sacred heart.  18 inch: $125.00  10 inch: $70.00 Please allow 3 weeks for production. 

4.  Half dollar sized silver medallion hand crafted, blessed and consecrated. $60.00 Please allow two weeks for production.

5. Prayer beads/devotee beads. Prices and time vary depending on request.

6.  Painted icons in acrylic or oil on canvas. Prices vary on size and medium roughly $59.00-$135.00

****In the near future divination will also be offered once I decide what I want to do exactly.