Final submission for Delia contest, submission number 9

Your brilliant light brightens those souls who love You,
Who sees beauty in many and loves without bounds.
Clear-sighted Apollon, we honor your birth anew
with poetry, dance, and melodious sounds.

To You we offer first fruits baked with Demeter’s grain
and cake iced with sugar, past and present combined.
We challenge ourselves to offer still more again
through a year filled with Your arts of body and mind.

May our efforts be pleasing to Your glorious eyes.
May we receive Your blessings in each of our lives.
May we be ever grateful for Your presence and light.
May we never forget You in the darkest of night.
May our work keep us mindful of You through each day,
and may we follow Your guidance as we make our way.

Delia/Thargelia submission #7

Gymnopaidai (For Apollon)

A choral dance of a hundred youths, Apollon,
used to stamp your praises into the sand of dance-grounds
with sweat and steps and skin uncovered.
What songs did they sing?  What figures did they form?
At Thera and at Sparta, it was not Dionysos
who was praised with phallic dances, but you,
by a hundred boys on the verge of adulthood.
And, did the young women, enthralled at the sight,
likewise honor you in similar rites
hidden from the eyes of the public?
All-seeing Phoebus, the courser across the sky,
Lykeios, fast-running wolf of Hyperborea,
even secret rites are known to you
from city to city, isle to isle, and on every continent.
I am no civic patron, nor voice in the assembly,
and the youths of every town in this land
are no longer taught how to honor the gods.
I cannot present you with even ten youths,
young men and women and those who are neither,
to dance for you under the cover of summer sun
with nothing but clouds’ shadow adorning them.
Therefore, instead, I offer you these words,
simple, naked, clumsy, but devoted,
the words which come with age more easily
than fluidity and grace come with youth’s vigor.
Would that it were a thousand dancers,
but our thousand praises and paeans magnify you
great Apollon, son of Leto, brother of Artemis,
the Pythian, patron of Muses:  may my words dance for you!

Delia/Thargelia contest submission 5

Phoibe Apollōn! Phoibe Apollōn!
Iē Paiōn! Iē Paiōn!

Great Lord of Immortal Light,
Corruscant and shining bright,
Who art both cruel and kind,
Who shoots arrows from afar,
The confidant of Zeus you are,
Who alone knows his mind!

Phoibe Apollōn! Phoibe Apollōn!
Iē Paiōn! Iē Paiōn!

May you now hear these words of praise,
If ever I served you and made you glad,
I ever my offerings were pleasing, which I had
Burnt to you in sacred flames, as per the ancient ways;

Phoibe Apollōn! Phoibe Apollōn!
Iē Paiōn! Iē Paiōn!

I am your most humble devotee,
Praying to you as highest purifier,
Wash away impurity with your mystic fire
Free me of harm, by divine decree!

Phoibe Apollōn! Phoibe Apollōn!
Iē Paiōn! Iē Paiōn!

Averter of Evil, who releases from hurt,
I thank you ever from the bottom of my heart,
You prevent me from falling apart,
By the blissful power you exert!

Phoibe Apollōn! Phoibe Apollōn!
Iē Paiōn! Iē Paiōn!

I am at peace, I am at peace.

Delia/Thargelia contest submission 4

Prayer to Apollo

I call to you, Apollo, son of thundering Zeus
and Leto whose grace and goodness have no equal.
Apollo of the flowing hair, fair as the day,
bright as the heart of the sun, I offer you praise,
I offer you devotion. O glorious one,
you turn away all evil; you grant to us
your blessing of a hale and hearty body,
a wise and wary mind; you give voice
to the songs of our spirit. I call out to you,
O god of the laurel, Apollo who has no peer,
whose hands are as skillful upon the lyre
as with the bow, such greatness is yours to grant
to those who are worthy. Far-shooting Apollo,
master of words of beauty and of insight:
friend of the muses, a quick wit and a honeyed tongue
are your gifts to those you favor; the work of prophets
is yours as well, O god of smoke and shaken bones.
You fire our hearts, you hone our wits, you light the shadows
cast by ignorance and fear; god of the holy isle,
god of the coal-black bird, I thank you for your works,
O radiant one, I pray to you for all good.

Delia/Thargelia submission 3

Rising effulgent Lord Apollon of Light,
Delian God of Prophecy and all that is right,
We glorify this day marking your birth,
In hopes that you will bless planet earth!

Sunny Delos is Thy native land,
Upon whose shores, Hera laid no hand.
Thy Mother Leto escaped her wrath here,
And gave birth to Thee and Thy Sister dear!

Forgive mankind for our our faulty ways.
Listen as we laud Thee with righteous praise!
Without your blessing, we cannot survive.
Our crops will fail, nothing else can thrive!

These first fruits of earth are truly Thine,
Phoebus Apollon, who art divine!
Bless all who celebrate today!
Visit our dreams in Thy astral way!

Lift my heart when I am sad,
With Thy music make me glad!
Before the Gods, may I commit no crime.
Purify me, wash away miasma and grime!

Pythian Apollon, friend of Hyakinthos
Son of Zeus, look down from Olympos
With joy in our hearts, we celebrate
Thy noble birth we adulate!