The thing that I am

I am often utterly hopeless when it comes to picking out titles for posts..but really this last week has been one of discovery of what happens when we free ourselves in small simple measures.

Last week one cue from Apulu (Apollon for my Hellenic readers..Apulu/Aplu is how my Etruscan ancestors would gave reffered to him) I shaved my head. This is a symbol of freedom and detachment from vanity and cultural expectations of beauty. It is a symbol too of utter devotion and a measure of personal purufication. Come Monday I will shave off the stubble for the weekly purification rite which includes ashing my head and face to represent burning away of that which was. 

Every werk I symbolically burn away that which I accumilated over the week to better myself, to purify and sanctify myself. After the lengthy ritual I chant as I enjoy a lengthy bathing session followed by annointing my scalp with a special blend of annointing oil for Apollon of my own creation.

I am his, that is the thing which I am. His priestess and mystic bride.

When I go to interact with the world I wear a scarf as pertaining to mundane tasks and as a matter of protection (and warmth lol…I do live in Alaska!).  But also be ause having my head freed means I am also more sensitive to shifts around me that xan be muffled by these means when I am running errands or being social. As baring my scalp is also designed to bring me closer to my lord I cover my scalp to as a sign of respect to the purpose of shaving the hair rather than attract attention to my bald head.

On the whole is liberating but also brings such a close connection through liberating myself from the barrier of my hair. The hair itself being a symbol not only of my personal vanity but also a sheild around the crown of my head and more depending on its length. The weave of thread is cut and I am bare in all my essence. 


Persephone Drawing winner

Out of 15 people between facebook and wordpress, this morning I prsyed to Persephone and drew a name.

Jonathan Soussa.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Clearance stock

Trying to clear some stuff out, so here are some slashed clearance items. To purchase items PayPal me at 

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August 29th is Boedromia, honoring Apollon Boedromios who aids. Mythically this commemorated the battle of Amazons and Athens in which the city was succumbing to the onslaught of the warrioresses to retrieve their queen. Apollon instructed the Athenian to call upon Fear and cry out “boe”

The symbolism can be seen as retaining blessings of the year during a fragile time of the year when one might want protection most from evil. In Greece and similar climates this us finishing harvest as preparing to turn into planting season. Further North it is the dying part of the year securing before the frigid hostile days of winter. It is a time where one might want to ward against evil and enemies.

On a low key level one may hang gorgonians at doors and windows as shouting “boe” through the house with clanging bells and other noise makers.

If you have a group participating you can make a masked procession through your respective neighborhoods.

Bit of a financial hiccup

So I lost my phone this weekend. I had an insurance plan so I got it replaced….unfortunately this added 225.00 to my bill that I am already stressing on paying since our household income has taken a huge hit. Somehow I am going to have to scrape up 450.00

That said I am looking to do some business. Get good prices right now on statues and icon paintings so I can get bills paid. The more immediate  concern being the phone!!

Also I can’t get into my Facebook right now so please email me any work requests! 

Or message me via my etsy shop