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Trying to clear some stuff out, so here are some slashed clearance items. To purchase items PayPal me at 

Ares oil painting 16×24 Shipped off frame. 50.00 plus 15.00 shipping

Sobek 12×12 acrylic painting. 35.00 plus 15.00 shipping

Serapis 16×24 oil painting. Shipped off frame. 50.00 plus 15.00 shipping

Fulfuns 9×11 acrylic painting. 35.00 plus 15.00 shipping

Jupiter 12×12 acrylic painting. 30.00 plus 15.00 shipping

Hera Teleia 12×12 acrylic. 30.00 plus 15.00 shipping

Hera and the Cuckoo oil 16×24 shipped off frame. 50.00 plus 15.00 shipping.

13 inch Taweret statue. 60.00 plus 20.00 shipping.

12 inch Ariadne statue. 40.00 plus 20.00 shipping.

Demeter and Persephone portable mini shrine 45.00 plus 10.00 shipping.



August 29th is Boedromia, honoring Apollon Boedromios who aids. Mythically this commemorated the battle of Amazons and Athens in which the city was succumbing to the onslaught of the warrioresses to retrieve their queen. Apollon instructed the Athenian to call upon Fear and cry out “boe”

The symbolism can be seen as retaining blessings of the year during a fragile time of the year when one might want protection most from evil. In Greece and similar climates this us finishing harvest as preparing to turn into planting season. Further North it is the dying part of the year securing before the frigid hostile days of winter. It is a time where one might want to ward against evil and enemies.

On a low key level one may hang gorgonians at doors and windows as shouting “boe” through the house with clanging bells and other noise makers.

If you have a group participating you can make a masked procession through your respective neighborhoods.

Bit of a financial hiccup

So I lost my phone this weekend. I had an insurance plan so I got it replaced….unfortunately this added 225.00 to my bill that I am already stressing on paying since our household income has taken a huge hit. Somehow I am going to have to scrape up 450.00

That said I am looking to do some business. Get good prices right now on statues and icon paintings so I can get bills paid. The more immediate  concern being the phone!!

Also I can’t get into my Facebook right now so please email me any work requests! 

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Sponsor an Oracle card!

I am trying to work more on the oracle of Apollon cards but really need willing sponsors to help with costs for making them. Each card costs me at least 60.00 to make. So if you want contribute to cards please do. Below is a list of cards I am planning. Just email me at to let me know which card you want to donate to and I will send you payment details. Full donation of 60.00 gives you the option of havibg the original painting. This list may expand.

Sibyl (fully sponsored)



Thyrae (bee nymphs)





Apollon Patroos

Apollon Boedromios

Apollon Marshaller of the host

Apollon Paian


The Twins (Apollon and Artemis)

Apollon Lykeios

Apollon Musagetes

Bakkhik Apollon



Apollon Karneios

Apollon Pythios

Apollon Smintheus

Apollon Prostaterios




Apollon Delphinios

Apollon of the locusts




Apollon Hyperboreios (sponsored)
Donations of 20.00 or more will receive a 5×7 print of the completed painting.

Spirituality and the “Real World”

4am lunch break at work and I read what has to be one if the mostly unforgivingly irritating articles here.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have done my share of eyerolls (mental and otherwise) over some spiritual “otherworldly” discussion that borders on the absurd to me…but this author goes so far the other direction  that it rubs me the wrong way. This is what almost seems too much like the humanistic spirituality police. Anything deep and profound that isn’t commonly experienced by your average five senses is ranked and filed as bullshit.

I for one consider the “spiritual world” to be material and interlocked with the phenomenal world of our basic sensory experiences.This means that *this* world…the world we inhabit…is full of spirits which we can sicken, drive away or make homeless due to our environmental impact. Yes this is not an either/or scenario. One can be invested in the world of the spirits and the phenomenal world all at once when recognising that they are not two concretely separate exclusive things. I always considered “the veil” to be a human mental construct…something held over our own perceptions that buffers other activity around us. The only real division that I give credence to is separation of the living and dead. But back to the other veil…initiation in spiritual paths often served as a tool to remove ones buffer to directly communicate with the gods and spirits and was reserved for few.

So in short one can be a mermaidy water girl who plays with water spirits AND be because of that relationship a champion for water conservation and opponent of water pollution.

And don’t even get me started on “Real spirituality is academic”…puhlease. Academia is a great foundation but if that is all it is and is not a concert with the experiential then it has no heart and in my mind pretty dead.

Not to mention…hey nice shaming people for going on spiritual journeys. I have been one, plan on going on more. Criticizing someone for not spending their resources how you think would be best is fucked up. Next time you go on vacation I hope everyone criticizes it as a huge waste of resources for having zero purpose other than R&R. You may not like spiritual retreats but hey at least there is more to it than a vacation.

Theoi boxes and Aphrodite Box

Finally got the Aphrodite boxes out! It pains me in some way that this will ve the last subscription box, but they turned out lovely.

Each box has I/2 oz oil to be used for Annointing statues of Aphrodite or as a perfume to wear in her honor. Included also is print of an oil painting I did some time ago of Aphrodite but which is still very popular that may be framed and used as an icon. A painted shell offering bowl is included for dry clean offerings, a mini theurgy bottle to keep close and present the blessings of this goddess that has been consecrated on her shrine. A polymer pendant on cord with pearls and rose quartz, and rose quartz palm stone.

The future of the Theoi boxes will be boxes that I randomly make…each one unique…that will be posted for sale at my store. I should have a couple boxes come available in August so be sure to keep an eye on the shop! 

Apollon Class Announcement

So here we go 🙂 Since there are a few people interested Apollon has directed me to start on the first of August. This means we will be including two important festivals in addition to discussing Noumenia…and that is the Doric Karneia and the Athenian Boedromeia before class ends September 6th.

As I said in my previous post we will be going over domestic worship, some major cults, major epithets and functions and what this means to us.  Lessons will be put up every three days. 

The class will be 60.00 which boils down to 10.00 a week.

Please make payment to reserve your spot by no later than July 20th if you want to participate. Payments can ve made to my Paypal address at

Keep In mind this will be a fundamentals class. There will be future subject specific classes to get into more meaty spirituality in his cult 🙂