Agon winners for Aphrodite Agon

This afternoon I praised Aphrodite and greeted her to sweeten herself to those who sing her praise, and that she take pleasure in their offered hymns. That each be blessed.

One by one I entreated the goddess to listen with favorable mind as I read each hymn. At the close of each have hymn I cast her medallion. Face side up was her approval and favor. (As a trial I did some practice goes to make sure it can land both ways). Each hymn she found favorable in her eyes. Blessed are each who submitted a hymn, each was worthy by far.

Sadly there can only be one with winner and one runner up. So lots were cast that she select that which she favored.

First place is the Hymn by Heathen Chinese and will be rewarded the silver Aphrodite Medallion.

Second place is the Hymn by Amanda Forrester and will be rewarded the copper medallion.

Congratulations both of you. And many thanks to all who participated!! You each have well honored Aphrodite. May she rain blessings down on each of you!

I will be contacting the winners. Prizes will be shipped out in a week’s time.

Hera Entry #9

Hail to the Goddess of Life

By Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Rich-haired Hera, arrayed in peacock feathers

Many have sung of You as wife of Great Zeus and Queen of Shining Olympos

But today I wish to hymn to You alone, glorious Hera

For You were a great and magnificent Goddess, much-worshiped,

Before Your brother ever set His mind to courting You.

So I hymn now that Your other attributes may be praised as well.

For all Gods deserve praise, and all sides of a God, too.

So, fair Muses, attend to my song and lend my words power to reach every ear.

Cow-eyed Hera rules the fertility of the earth with peace-loving, barefooted Demeter

She is the harvest of wealth that we all hope for:

Whether that wealth be in cattle, grain, precious jewels, or dollars.

She is the giver also of that which is even more precious and incalculable in value:

The children of both our blood and our heart.

As such it is Mighty Hera responsible for the continuation of our lines,

For the support a man receives from his ancestors,

For the families which nourishes us,

And for the survival of the family of man.

Truly, only Mighty Hera could have ever been an equal match for Zeus,

Whose thunderous laugh shakes the very ground beneath Him.

A cloud-gatherer Herself, the cuckoo heralds the spring inundation,

Flying ahead of her rain-soaked Mistress.

The Queen of Spring, Who renews Her virginity, reborn each year in the Spring of Life

Hera lives in every living Being, whether they acknowledge Her or not,

For Water is required to nourish ALL LIFE.

Hail Hera, Goddess of Life!

Hail to the Giver of Children and Family,

Lady of Wealth and Grain and Cows,

Water-soaked Goddess of Spring Rains!

Hera Agon Entry 6

by Anne Hatzakis 

To Hera of the Heights

Hera Acraea

Mistress of the heavens,

The winds and the clouds are yours to command

Lady of the zephyr and the gale,

the showers and the downpour.

Iris of the rainbow is your messenger.

Grant us fair weather from your peacock throne.

That we may offer you wine and aromatic woods,

As we sing this to you and another song also.

Aphrodite Agon Entry 5

Laughter-loving Aphrodite by Amanda Forrester

Golden-skinned, full-hipped, heavy-breasted

Dances and laughs, loves and eats, drinks and plays,

Among the Halls of the Gods

Our powerful Lady of Love is named as an Olympian

But in reality She is a Force far more primal

Than the civilized generation of Gods She among

For Her birth was part of the saga of creation

Born from sea-foam and blood form the severed manhood of Father Sky,

Thrown into the primordial ocean by Kronos

Aphrodite therefore is older than the King of the Gods

And indeed She moves Zeus as She will.

Arisen from the sea, She came to drive the world mad with lust

And turn one’s heart to another in partnership.

She causes animals to couple and so the flocks and herds to increase

Likewise She is the Hunger for union in the higher species

The drive to abandon the safety of isolation for the risk of heart-break,

In hopes of forming a new singular entity from two separate ones,

An equal partnership with the potential for increase.

Love is kindness, but not merely gentleness,

For Aphrodite has a steel core to Her,

Under the flowers, cheerfulness, and rosy cheeks.

Aphrodite is a Goddess of the harder lessons too, of “tough love”,

Not merely the fun roll in the hay.

She governs the first flirtations of love,

But also the stick-to-it-ativeness, the slow periods,

The intimate knowledge of a couple long together,

Who know each others every psychic crack and crevice,

As well as bodies well-loved and well-used.

A fiercer Goddess is She, too, than some may at first suspect

She dons golden armor to follow Ares into battle,

For Aphrodite understands the true value of a rare love

And will stop at nothing o protect Him.

So this is my hymn to the laughter-loving Goddess

Golden-skinned, wide-hipped, heavy-breasted —

But more than many may have supposed.

Hera Agon Entry 5

For Hera by Edward Butler


Poets can lie, enamored of their invention;

thus do I say that of no spite was Hephaistos born to you,

Queen Hera.


You created him alone, out of your own nature,

Like the first born of the cosmos.

How could anyone imagine it done for any but the highest purpose?

There are no jealous Gods.


But balance for Athena’s birth Olympian order did demand.

Far sighted Queen Hera envisioned through technology

The horizon itself expanding.