Agon winners for Aphrodite Agon

This afternoon I praised Aphrodite and greeted her to sweeten herself to those who sing her praise, and that she take pleasure in their offered hymns. That each be blessed.

One by one I entreated the goddess to listen with favorable mind as I read each hymn. At the close of each have hymn I cast her medallion. Face side up was her approval and favor. (As a trial I did some practice goes to make sure it can land both ways). Each hymn she found favorable in her eyes. Blessed are each who submitted a hymn, each was worthy by far.

Sadly there can only be one with winner and one runner up. So lots were cast that she select that which she favored.

First place is the Hymn by Heathen Chinese and will be rewarded the silver Aphrodite Medallion.

Second place is the Hymn by Amanda Forrester and will be rewarded the copper medallion.

Congratulations both of you. And many thanks to all who participated!! You each have well honored Aphrodite. May she rain blessings down on each of you!

I will be contacting the winners. Prizes will be shipped out in a week’s time.

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