Hera Entry #9

Hail to the Goddess of Life

By Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Rich-haired Hera, arrayed in peacock feathers

Many have sung of You as wife of Great Zeus and Queen of Shining Olympos

But today I wish to hymn to You alone, glorious Hera

For You were a great and magnificent Goddess, much-worshiped,

Before Your brother ever set His mind to courting You.

So I hymn now that Your other attributes may be praised as well.

For all Gods deserve praise, and all sides of a God, too.

So, fair Muses, attend to my song and lend my words power to reach every ear.

Cow-eyed Hera rules the fertility of the earth with peace-loving, barefooted Demeter

She is the harvest of wealth that we all hope for:

Whether that wealth be in cattle, grain, precious jewels, or dollars.

She is the giver also of that which is even more precious and incalculable in value:

The children of both our blood and our heart.

As such it is Mighty Hera responsible for the continuation of our lines,

For the support a man receives from his ancestors,

For the families which nourishes us,

And for the survival of the family of man.

Truly, only Mighty Hera could have ever been an equal match for Zeus,

Whose thunderous laugh shakes the very ground beneath Him.

A cloud-gatherer Herself, the cuckoo heralds the spring inundation,

Flying ahead of her rain-soaked Mistress.

The Queen of Spring, Who renews Her virginity, reborn each year in the Spring of Life

Hera lives in every living Being, whether they acknowledge Her or not,

For Water is required to nourish ALL LIFE.

Hail Hera, Goddess of Life!

Hail to the Giver of Children and Family,

Lady of Wealth and Grain and Cows,

Water-soaked Goddess of Spring Rains!


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