My weekly calendar

While I tend the shrine daily and my Vodouns, I do have other regular practices. This is my own devised weekly calendar not counting sacred days through the month.
Monday I have established as the beginning of the new week and end of the old week (it is at once the 8th day and the 1st way of conciling the Etruscan week with the modern week). This is my holy day of the week…my busiest day. I honor Shiva in the morning. Apulu and Artumes are especially honored. Day also for Culsans (Etruscan equivalent ofJanus), Uni Ati and Tinia Apa.
Tuesdays are for Nethuns and Menrva
 Wednesday is for Phersipnai
Thursdays are for Hercle and Fulfuns
Fridays are for Turan Ati
Saturday honors Cel Ati and Letun (Leto)
Sundays are for Usil


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