Chthonic Dionysos giveaway

The generous contributor decided that this Dionysos package should go to a worshipper of this form of Dionysos who lives in the USA (for shipping reasons).

Rather than myself selecting someone Dionysis will. You have two weeks to send a prayer inviting him to your home. Dionysos, after each prayer is read to him, will decide by lot who will receive him. Package includes a cult icon, a painted icon a dark spiced Dionysos oil.

All prayers are due by October 23. The reading and drawing will be done Halloween night.

Send submissions to 

Update: while there can only be one winner, it has been made clear to me Dionysis wants everyone to “win” because he lives his devotees. So if he doesnt select you fir the ultimate prize he will show his love of your offering via a 5×7 print.

Please be aware that these may have to be mailed iver a period of a couple months if there are a lot of submissions 🙂


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