August 29th is Boedromia, honoring Apollon Boedromios who aids. Mythically this commemorated the battle of Amazons and Athens in which the city was succumbing to the onslaught of the warrioresses to retrieve their queen. Apollon instructed the Athenian to call upon Fear and cry out “boe”

The symbolism can be seen as retaining blessings of the year during a fragile time of the year when one might want protection most from evil. In Greece and similar climates this us finishing harvest as preparing to turn into planting season. Further North it is the dying part of the year securing before the frigid hostile days of winter. It is a time where one might want to ward against evil and enemies.

On a low key level one may hang gorgonians at doors and windows as shouting “boe” through the house with clanging bells and other noise makers.

If you have a group participating you can make a masked procession through your respective neighborhoods.


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