Sponsor an Oracle card!

I am trying to work more on the oracle of Apollon cards but really need willing sponsors to help with costs for making them. Each card costs me at least 60.00 to make. So if you want contribute to cards please do. Below is a list of cards I am planning. Just email me at daphne.kyrene@gmail.com to let me know which card you want to donate to and I will send you payment details. Full donation of 60.00 gives you the option of having the original painting. If ypu want the original painting please include 15.00 for sgipping as these production estimates dont include shipping..just bottom line what I need per card. This list may expand.

Sibyl (fully sponsored)



Thyrae (bee nymphs)..partially sponsored. Need 30.00 more





Apollon Patroos

Apollon Boedromios (fully sponsored)

Apollon Marshaller of the host

Apollon Paian


The Twins (Apollon and Artemis)

Apollon Lykeios

Apollon Musagetes

Apollon Daphneios (partially sponsored need 40.00 still)

Bakkhik Apollon

Apollon Alexikhakos (fully sponsored)



Apollon Karneios

Apollon Pythios

Apollon Smintheus

Apollon Prostaterios



Aristaios (partially sponsored..need 30.00)

Apollon Delphinios 

Apollon of the locusts




Apollon Hyperboreios (fully sponsored)
Donations of 20.00 or more will receive a 5×7 print of the completed painting.


4 thoughts on “Sponsor an Oracle card!

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  2. Reblogged this on Gangleri's Grove and commented:
    Lykeia is creating an Apollon centric oracle card deck and is asking for sponsors. She’s got a list here of the cards still needing sponsors (i went off list of course and asked to sponsor Apollon Alexikakos, Apollon Who averts evil) and she was kind enough to comply). Check it out…this will be an amazing project once it’s finished and you can be part of it. 🙂

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