Spirituality and the “Real World”

4am lunch break at work and I read what has to be one if the mostly unforgivingly irritating articles here.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have done my share of eyerolls (mental and otherwise) over some spiritual “otherworldly” discussion that borders on the absurd to me…but this author goes so far the other direction  that it rubs me the wrong way. This is what almost seems too much like the humanistic spirituality police. Anything deep and profound that isn’t commonly experienced by your average five senses is ranked and filed as bullshit.

I for one consider the “spiritual world” to be material and interlocked with the phenomenal world of our basic sensory experiences.This means that *this* world…the world we inhabit…is full of spirits which we can sicken, drive away or make homeless due to our environmental impact. Yes this is not an either/or scenario. One can be invested in the world of the spirits and the phenomenal world all at once when recognising that they are not two concretely separate exclusive things. I always considered “the veil” to be a human mental construct…something held over our own perceptions that buffers other activity around us. The only real division that I give credence to is separation of the living and dead. But back to the other veil…initiation in spiritual paths often served as a tool to remove ones buffer to directly communicate with the gods and spirits and was reserved for few.

So in short one can be a mermaidy water girl who plays with water spirits AND be because of that relationship a champion for water conservation and opponent of water pollution.

And don’t even get me started on “Real spirituality is academic”…puhlease. Academia is a great foundation but if that is all it is and is not a concert with the experiential then it has no heart and in my mind pretty dead.

Not to mention…hey nice shaming people for going on spiritual journeys. I have been one, plan on going on more. Criticizing someone for not spending their resources how you think would be best is fucked up. Next time you go on vacation I hope everyone criticizes it as a huge waste of resources for having zero purpose other than R&R. You may not like spiritual retreats but hey at least there is more to it than a vacation.


1 thought on “Spirituality and the “Real World”

  1. Reblogged this on greekrevivalistmommy and commented:
    I’ve tangled with Hard Atheists and Humanists about the immanence of the Theoi and other spirits before. I end up these days — after I get over my annoyance at them being “willfully mind-blind” — pitying them for missing out on a part of the Cosmos that others play in.

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