Theoi boxes and Aphrodite Box

Finally got the Aphrodite boxes out! It pains me in some way that this will ve the last subscription box, but they turned out lovely.

Each box has I/2 oz oil to be used for Annointing statues of Aphrodite or as a perfume to wear in her honor. Included also is print of an oil painting I did some time ago of Aphrodite but which is still very popular that may be framed and used as an icon. A painted shell offering bowl is included for dry clean offerings, a mini theurgy bottle to keep close and present the blessings of this goddess that has been consecrated on her shrine. A polymer pendant on cord with pearls and rose quartz, and rose quartz palm stone.

The future of the Theoi boxes will be boxes that I randomly make…each one unique…that will be posted for sale at my store. I should have a couple boxes come available in August so be sure to keep an eye on the shop! 


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