LoGood journey June Subscription box

As I am now shipping off the June Subscription boxes celebrating Dionysos, I find myself eager for honoring next the goddess of love a beauty. While the box will be for Aphrodite my mind is filled with the lasas, attendants of Turan Ati, spirits of flowers and death. I will refrain from adding their likeness to the box so to not confuse Hellenic subscribers but I am sure they will elusuvely turn up in some fashion lol.

I do have in my plans for each box to get an offering bowl shell which I will paint with Minoan style inspired tentacles. These shells will be for non food or liquid offerings of things like flowers, coins etc.

Possibly may include pocket sealed theurgy bottles contain sacred things to the goddess that can be hung on a string from your statue or carried with you.

There are many options of things that can be done to honor Aphrodite! If you want to start a subscription please contact me no later than July 20th! Email me at daphne.kyrene@gmail.com

In the mean time I have one xtra Dionysos box that can be purchased at my etsy shop if you missed out on June’s box!


5 thoughts on “LoGood journey June Subscription box

  1. I received the box on Saturday, and I waited until today to open it so that I could give them to Dionysos on the day I set for Him. I do wish you had included a description of the items – do you think you could post one? Are the prints all meant to be Dionysos, or is one Ariadne? Under what guises/epithets are the images? How are the prayer beads meant to be used? Basically, I’d love an explanation of the symbolism behind each item as well as its intended purpose. Thank you!

    • Certainly. So you have three prints: Dionysos, Semele and Ariadne that can be framed and set up as icons.
      You have a vial of Ariadne Annointing oil. This can be used for Annointing any cult images of hers in worship and for Annointing yourself for his festivals or any mystery work such as labyrinth walking if you do such things.
      The prayer beads with the pendulum ending was more inspired but it was pointed out to me that to 21 beads (7×3) represents number sent into labyrinth…seven for the maidens and youths. Three is manifestation through energy. The beads can be used to work through prayers to him. The only special bead is the rose quartz representing Ariadne. Otherwise the purple glass, amethyst and garner represent the richness of wine, while the aventurine represents protection. The pendulum end can be used for simple yes/no divination, and the finger labyrinth at the other end is for meditative walking the labyrinth by tracing the simple spiral labyrinth with your finger descending into the depths.
      The porcelain serpent is shrine decoration as serpents are sacred chthonic symbolism of immortality.

      • The porcelain serpent? It seems to be made out of the same material as parts of the prayer beads – fimo or sculpey?

        I did have the bright idea to go look in your shop, and since you also sell most of the items there, I was able to figure out the images and the bull roarer – I would never have guessed that one’s actual use!

        Thank you for the explanation.

  2. Forgot one…the bull roarer with Dionysos portrait is whipped rapidly to create a buzzing sound. It is one of the toys of his mysteries. Can be used with sending prayers or connecting his more aggressive nature.
    Or you can shorten the hemp cord and use it to hang off something as an ornament if you like lol

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