June Subscription box is all Dionysos

Well there may be a few random things but you will greet June with a box of goodies that will heavily feature Dionysos, Ariadne and Semele in some firm or another.

There will be a print icon

There will be semiprecious handmade grape cluster

There will be a sacred bridal oil called Ariadne

There will be a mini finger labyrinth

And that is just what I have so far! Do remember for every 5th subscription the value will increase by 10 bucks which gets an extra goodie added! 

How do you subscribe? Email me with PayPal info and shipping address. I will add you to the list and send you an invoice. If it is paid before the end if the month you will get your box! 

Yes international folks can participate…but the price will be doubled to cover International shipping costs. 

I am thinking of increasing to 35.00 so I can do flat rate boxes. That will allow more flexibility for stuff I can add.


2 thoughts on “June Subscription box is all Dionysos

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be a delightful box! I’m just fine with you increasing the shipping for more flexibility.

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