Monthly Noumenia Subscription box

I am now taking orders for next Noumenia subscription box. Ideally customers would sign up for subscription and I would send an invoice for the next month following Noumenia. This gives me a month to plan interesting things to include. But I will be doibg month by month as a viable optiin too.

Each box will be unique. Each box will contain a icon print as well as items if devotion and worship. 

Subscription boxes are 30.00 (includes shipping)

The following is a test box I did for a customer. It was put together a bit last minute but it gives you an idea:

Alright so folks can see how this is going to work. This is the Thargelion box.

total value of items in the box is about 55.00 worth of items.


1 5×7 print of Apollon

1 tester vial of Letoide annointing/blessing oil

1 mini agathos daemon plaque

2 bags of shrine bath “tea”

1 Artemis ornament
This was last imagine what a month of planning will come up with!

Taking orders now for next month’s Noumenia subscription box!

****needless to say the more people who sign up the better the boxes will get. With every 5th person who signs up I will increase the box valye by another 10 dollars 🙂


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