Aphrodite Agon Entry 3

Prayer to Aphrodite

By G. Krasskova

Born of Power,

Rising jubilant from the sea-foam,

Cytherea, Cyprian, Queen,

I hail You.

Inciter to Lust,

Inciter to War,

All bow in time to Your power,

save Three.

As Areia, You are fierce in battle.

As Pandemos, you are rich in praise.

As Ourania, You delight the Heavens.

In the mountains and by the sea

Your praises are sung,

and everywhere in between.

You, Golden One,

are the object of

for Gods and mortals alike.

Few can resist You,

Fewer wish to try.

Laughter-Loving Mother of desire,

Richly adorned, crowned, and beautiful,

I too will praise You always.

I too will not resist Your call.

Hail to You, Divine One,

glorious Aphrodite.

May this prayer find favor

in Your eyes.

Ever may You be praised.

Ever may You inspire.

Hail, Aphrodite. 


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