Aphrodite Agon Entry 1


By Jennifer Lawrence

Here in the earliest hours of morning,

when the birds are still sleeping

and the beach sands glisten like tiny

stars under their coating of sea-salt,

Here where the dawn is raw yet,

naked with possibility,

pregnant with potential,

You wash ashore like a pearl loosed from its oyster,

glistening and wet under the newborn rays of

the rising sun, and the fading

luminescence of the sinking moon.

Here, where graceful seabirds yet slumber,

unaware of the presence of one

more beautiful than they, by far,

birthed out of the opalescent seed

of castrated Ouranous,

mingling with the sea’s salt,

flowing forth from the ocean

whence all life began.

As the sun rises, you unfurl from

sleep, stepping away from the scallop

that bore you to shore; most precious of blossoms,

fair-skinned, gold-tressed, eyes deep and dark

with all the desires contained there

that God or man might feel.

Swans rise in adoring worship and

beat the air with their wings,

joyfully recognizing one whose beauty

makes theirs look like lumps of coal

that look all the more filthy and misshapen

when a diamond gleams among them.

Cytherea, Ourania, Kallipygos,

Cyprian Queen:

we bow before you, stricken mute

by your perfection, and

pray you bless our dull and quiet lives

with the beauty you are known for

and the passion you inspire.

Open our hearts to the love we need

to live, to thrive, to exult in the splendor

of the world around us, and

with your grace fulfill us.

Hail Aphrodite, fierce and gentle lady!

Hail Aphrodite, forgiving and condemning!

Hail Aphrodite, love’s queen!


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