Hera Agon Entry 1

To Hera

by Galina Krasskova

To the Queen of Olympus

let homage ever be paid.

To She Who renders right judgment,

let offerings be laid out.

To the Goddess Who brings glory,

may libations be poured.

Hail to Hera,

Who grants no quarter,

and yet, is merciful.

She is the Maker of heroes,

glorious and fierce.

She hones them,

tempers them,

renders them worthy of the blood

from which they are sprung.

Herakles, Achilles, even Dionysos:

She brought Them into Their power.

She taught Them what it meant,

to bear the blood of Gods.

Hera, ever mighty, orders the world,

watches over its mysteries.

She is Beloved of the Thunderer.

She is Queen of all the heavens.

To Argive Hera, I bow my head.

You teach us that power must earned.

You, Great One, at Whose hands all

is brought into order,

may my words and prayers

be pleasing to You.

Hail to You, Glorious Hera.

(if you are in a place where you can do so, light some incense for her)


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