local numinous places of my worship

Being familiar with your home and regular worship of your gods does mean inevitably you will discover numinous places your gods hang out at.

I have several for Apollon. Anchorage is a major port for Alaska so the harbor is one of his numinous places where he can be found lingering with Poseidon and Njord. The ring of mountains that surrounds us I praise and direct prayers of A pollon, Artemis, Leto, Dionysos, Zeus, Hera and Rhea towards. These are also honored at the largest summit in the state with Helios at Mt. Denali for which they are called Denalios or Denalia. Leto has her Potters Marsh outside of the city where the Letoide are also honored.  Apollon and Hermes at the cemetaries. The Letoide with their mother and nymphs at Rabbit Creek which drains into the marsh. Further into the valley one finds Apollon Smintheus among what scant crops we grow and livestock reared around Palmer with Demeter, and also Apollon Karneios and Pan. 

Of course I am on the lookout for things more in my neighborhood still for more regular cultus lol!


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