Reordered oikis altar

Apollon is the god my soul orbits and tunes into so to speak to his oarticular frequency. This extends to his sister (who I knew before him) and their mother Leto. My spiritual life is vastly informed by and through my relationship with them. In fact my relationship with Aphrodite, despite being the divine matron of our family,  improved largely by this (and considerably helped along by giving her worship). Because of this I have made sense and discovered the whys of what I felt inclined to do. I no longer have numerous shrines. Not oven a separate shrine to Apollon any more. Instead the family altar has become his residence around which all other household gods orbit. This includes a small inset shrine to Aphrodite and another one that will be developed for Hera (incidentally my household tends to give her slightly more personal focus than Zeus even while acknowledging his supremely awesomeness).

Despite commonalities and shared religion,  when you get right down to it every oikis is different. This was true anciently as it is now. For a woman to leave home and marry into another family literally meant to leave the gods of her family and the manner of worship of her family. My oikos doesnt look identical to anyone else and that is just how things are meant to be.



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