healing paean

Following is the paean that can be sung or chanted as you like:
Wash this away, wash this away Paean

Take this and wash this away

Take away that which has come and wash it away

You cleanse and purify all things wash this away O Paean

Wash this away, averter of evils, rid me of this

Restore my body whole to me O Lord,  wash this away Paean.

Bring back sound health which has been lost, wash this away

As you washed the Delphyne blood from you in the waters of Peneus

And garlanded yourself in the laurel leaves upon the shore

O lauded Lord, who brings goid health and distributes plagues,  wash this away

Cleanse me and behold me whole before you, with offerings laden.

O paean, Lord of healing springs and medicinal art wash this affliction away.

Ie Paean, Ie Paean I behold you who are great approaching.

Ie Paean Ie Paean the waters part before you and all light shines

Pure you are, ie Paean ie Paean

Wash this away!


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