Fall approaches

As most are probably aware, spring equinox through to autumn equinox is my busy time of the year ritually as Apollon has a large number of festivals during his season, and yet the fall is a more intense devotional time in my worship of him which most dont know about. 

With fall arriving and his departure imminent,I value the Boedromia as his final city festival. I will be returning to discussing this festival within the next couple of days as it gets closer. Essentially this festival battens down the hatched and prepares for winter with the city wide invocation of fear to drive all evil from the city. I consider it an important spirit festival not unlike how many view Halloween. It can be a time of mask wearing purification in the streets in procession or even by yourself. The shout Boe causes harmful spirits to flee in fear.
After fall equinox and the season  of Pan beginning, Apollon returns to the halls if his mother. His mother is Hyperborean and Hyperbirea itself has been among the blessed isles although established in the north rather than the west. Given that Leto is also an underworld goddess it is likely she is governess and ward of Hyperborea as a blessed isle. It is appropriate that his late autumn festival Pyanepsia is centered on a meal of beans…the last of provisions as they reach journeys end in thanksgiving to Apollon. It seems appropriate an offering to the god of Hyperborea! 

Yet more commonly October and early November are filled with thoughts if the dead . As Apollon strips away his mask of civilization don’t forget him as you go to the graves of the dead for he is the protector of cemeteries and the tomb. He is the wolf or wild dog there safeguarding their place of rest. 

It is this wild archaic face that fills me with anticipation every fall rattling his bells of purification and blowing his huntsman horn when he is not howling on the wind. Winter is harsh and unforgiving and yet even on the tempest he bestows his somewhat chaotic blessings of protection.

Hang the bells by the door and as he rides the wolf wind he will rattle them to scare away what baleful things that may be attracted to the light and warmth of the home in winter.


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