31 days/ days 28-31

Day 28 worse misconception encountered?

I can’t say that I have ran into any really out of the ball park conceptions of Leto….at worse a lot are just really vague and limited. As the goddess present herself on a level as she is more commonly presented as a gentle mother, it is not erroneous,  but rather in devotion your understanding becomes a lot more nuanced. Leto does possess the calm kindness and gentleness of a loving mother….she also equally possesses an Ill fuck you up if you push me or threaten my children. As I said…nuanced lol.

Day 29 something you wish you knew about the deity?

Frankly the biggest thing is that I wish there was more known about her worship. Few particulars are known and nothing of sacred days that she must have had. For the most part, despite being well known,  LetoS cult has been lost to obscurity. 

Day 30 interesting upg?

Most of my upg is presented in my post Vision of Leto. I consider her a bean goddess, especially the Italian in me associating her to the fava bean that has a history associated with the dead which may have to do the danger of favism. I generally hold January sacred to her as proceeding the Theban birth of her children and a period of transition. I also October particular to some of my worship of her as everything is rapidly decaying and winter creeps in. As much as she likes veils, I think not only veils but costume masks are really her thing.

Day 31 suggestions for learning about this deity?

Alot of it is going to be intuitive, just look at clues as they pop up and it will lead you. Myth and archaeology reveals quite a bit that you will find useful. Generally tho I would caution against jumping too far into the unknown where innovation has less and less support mythologically or historically. 


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