31 days/ days 22-27

Day 22 share music that makes you think of this deity…

Ok I give…I dont have any. Unless a song directly mentions a deity or something specifically pertaining to the deity I am at a loss. I dont have much in the way of playlists for this reason. I am lucky when I get that kind of feels. For Leto I have nothing. Although if I gad to pick something that kinda gives me a bit of feels…In the Hall of the Mountain King gets close as Leto transverses between planes of existence. .ever of the twilight hour. The haunting sweetness of the midnight minuette works to.

Day 23 share song/poem that resonates with this deity.

Mostly see above. Even her Orphic hymn is rather blah for me. It starts as praising her for a great mind and uses an epithet I still haven’t figured the meaning of….then goes quickly downhill from there to focusing just her children.

Day 24 share personal writing of the deity

Surprisingly I cannot find any of the poems I wrote for Leto…so here’s something off the cuff, the / designates end of the line because my phone us an assailed that gives me formatting issues:

Veiled Mother,  oft beseeched, oft lauded/ Unephable Lady of the myrtle bough, mother of initiates all/You are seated in the hidden lands upon a shining throne/ Illumination in the darkness, a silvery water flows/ Oh star of the depths, all perceiving and knowing/By your children you rise from the shadow of your veil like a serpent from the slip/ And with a breath of thy nocturnal wind, bring forth your revelation to the race of men/ You lady of the bean sprout, sustainer and mother to the living and dead.

Day 25 a time this deity has helped you?

Leto is inseparable from my daily life. ..as a mother I feel she is always present and helping. As a liminal goddess of the passages between I think she also aids my family daily at the doors that her shrine that she shares with her children faces. She is the breath of patience, the protective mother wolf. When I was in labor and calling on the goddesses if my house she felt as a tangible presence almost at the head of the delivery bed, soothing back my hair with coolness (ah that feel from a mother’s touch..the soothing cool hand). 

Day 26 when this deity refused to help?

I can’t think if any offhand, but I don’t typically think of my relationship with my gods in those terms of helping and not helping. They do as they do when it is their providence to do so and if they feel you need it. I rarely ask for help from my gods, and least probably from Leto to date (other than a mothers plea of please keep me from killing this naughty child lol). I but give her honor, adoration and worship out of devotion and love. I dont keep an enumerated lust of when my gods help and when they refuse to do so  It may well happened at some point but I never found in worrisome enough to mentally note.

Day 27 how has your relation changed over time?

It has more recently turned devotional to serve her as a devotee in a more direct sense. I serve her in a triad with Apollon and Artemis (the Letoides). This started seeping into my mind over the last couple of years as I have incorporated her icons into their shrine. But this has been a gradual thing from early worship honoring her mostly as just their mother.  I think perhaps the change in the wind for me was about 5 years ago when I came back from Morocco with a stork’s feather from under one of numerous trees that they were nesting. I associate storks with mother Leto among the birds. Last year I bought a Naga dragonness type icon of brass as an icon of her to represent her form as believed by Helpless as they equated her with Wadjet. I just recently completed a lovely handmade icon for her shrine! One in deep greens and black veiled, and hematite eyes to have a starry shine.


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