31 days/ days 18-21

Yes I got behind lol, but given that my responses to these will be fairly short (I did pull them out and mull them over even if I did not post) it seems no hard task to combine them in one post.

Day 18 Gender and Sexuality? 

I honestly think this is largely a non issue for gods. While I know that there a certain gods that the LGBT pagan community gets behind as deities representative and protective of their sexual natures, you would be hard pressed to find any god with a firm sexual identity whether that be queer or heterosexual. Gods are not humans and as such I dont think they have the exact same fleshy mushy desires we have. In short that makes the gods fairly fluid in what we consider sexuality playing out in myths. The gods love their peeps. I would say that this is equally true of such an ambiguous goddess as Leto. Fact of the matter from what I have experienced (not making any absolute statements to try to speak for her…thus is my experience only) Leto comes across towards her devotees with more of a personal motherly personally if you aren’t getting her aloof distance. That said, as a autonomous goddess I believe issues concerning LGBT fall within that sphere of what she would likely get involved in, just as she likely would for other issues such as rape, child brides (these latter two having more directly to do with her cult I can almost see her more involved in on the sexual autonomy spectrum). And as a mother she would likely involve herself in a very maternal fashion in issues that are of concern to her devotees regardless. …or issues pertaining to the spheres of her children when petitioned with them. In all honesty when it comes to mayters of sex and sexuality I would find more benefit supplicating Aphrodite who is by her domain more immediately concerned with such things.

Day 19 and Day 20 Admirable Qualities? Uncomfortable Qualities?

I am combining these as they seem to deal with the same issue for me. The gods are not human and therefore do not perform acts for their merit and falling under assigned human values. Therefore nothing of a god can be either admirable,  uncomfortable or hateful. These are judgements we pass on their nature and domains where it is not our place. Taking myths as literal events contributes to this. Regardless it is not my place to judge a god or goddess. ..that ventures too close to hubris for my comfort. Rather we can either love and give adoration unto the gods for thrir nature or domains, or we can have no further commitment than respect of which all gods are entitled *which is why I don’t talk shit about another persons god….the human organized religion and worshippers themselves are fair game tho lol ). So in short there us nothing admiral or uncomfortable about Leto, I adore her for all that she is and for the grace and blessings her domain brings. Funny tho how children not indoctrinated into monotheistic thought get that instinctively. Myths which make adults uncomfortable did not even phase my eldest daughter when she was little. The gods are as they are and are so wonderful she simply loved them…especially her favorites (Zeus, Aphrodite and Eros lol…. like I have said before in previous posts Aphrodite is attached to the family lol).

Day 21 Share Art

At thus point I have not come across anything that particularly speaks to me…so I have some of my own work in progress that I will post when it is ready.


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