31 days/ day 17

Relationship with the other gods?

Honestly, for the most part,  aside from right river gods and likely associated nymphs, and what appears to be a nod if respect at least by Hermes, Leto doesn’t seem to have fuck all to do with any if the other gods. It is likely that respect is shown via her engagement with Hermes that is shared among other gods, but for Leto herself she doesn’t appear to concern herself with them. Rather, pretty much her full attention and interest rests on her children. In which case the way she tends to Artemis and hunts among her nymphs as a companion, and her devotion to her son can allude to the kind of mother who is her daughters best friend and has a mommas boy she dotes on and coddles as much as possible if given to those urges of temperament. Her children are her world and beyond them and associated river deities she doesn’t have much interest it seems!


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