31 days/ day 15

Leto and mundane matters?:

Like her children, being likewise connected to purification and healing, I can well consider Leto being the dietary eat all your veggies and practice good hygiene kiddos type. As connected to wster as she is the activity of bathing would likely fall under this, as well as cooking/preparing sustenance given that I consider her as much tied to food provision as her daughter as nurturing mother.

The most obvious is the state of pregnancy and safe-keeping life to grow within the womb. This certainly doesn’t mean that every woman must be pregnant at some time to honor her.  Uh no. Rather that the state of pregnancy is the mundane presence of Leto as much as the bubble of a spring clean from the earth or serpent emerging from the river or from between rocks. Honoring a pregnant woman as Leto manifest is appropriate I think.

I would consider all tasks that pertain to householding to be pertinent to her as a goddess who overtly cares for the family and family life.  I mentioned cooking above during which you can praise her, but also cleaning house. In the poem by Kallimachus I believe, as A pollon ascends to Olympos,  she neatly takes his bow and quiver and puts them away. I consider Leto as being attracted to such comfortable well kept dwellings and blessings homes with bounty in many forms!


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