Miasma and Apollon

There is a lot of commentary going on right now about miasma, often erroneously connecting into concept of sin wherein more accurately it is a state of uncleanliness  attached to oneself, object or place which may repel or make communion with the gods difficult. Not a great definition on my part but basic and workable. I tend to shy away from general definitions and commentary anyway because the subject is so nuanced that it us better to be addressed case by case. As each deity has things which may be music in association with such deity that is not for others.

For A pollon there is very little observable things which are miasmic. This is likely in credit to A pollon as purifying, renewing and cleansing god extraordinaire. It is his job to deal with natural pollutants: death, decay. At times in the household where every shrine and altar is covered during times of death or birth his shrine can be open and utilized. In fact prayers and offerings to A pollon and Artemis for the first seven days of a baby’s life in which it is most fragile and the successful passage through is credited to these deities would certainly be wise. And although Artemis cannot witness death, A pollon is there and is great to petition following the death of loved ones and when visiting cemeteries.  He is lord of ash and decay, and as such would not be the most nefariously picky about a bit of dust or dry remains of offered flowers. Women need nor be obey concerned about it being that time of the month as he is often served by women and loves them in the natural growth and release of the natural body. Just be sure of proper respect. Do not dedicate or allow another creature to do so in his sacred space (so dont put him in the bathroom or near the litter box). And please was your hands before praying since people tend to pick their nose and wipe their ass.

On the otherhand there are things I would consider particularly miasmatic given what is read in text. Acts of injustice (the case of his encounter with the erinyes only makes sense when viewed this way). Do not approach him with acts of injustice on your hands ir expisure via other people without purification. Dishonesty/lying I would put there given he is of the right word/truth. At any rate these are my observations. In short for Apollon it seems more a matter of abstract indirect miasma rather than common pollutants and human activity. It makes you by needs more aware of your character and those whom you associate with that may have influence on your person. Rather than natural processes it is the most foul human activity to which one needs to be aware.


3 thoughts on “Miasma and Apollon

    • It is funny how few make that connection even though Pajamas comments on it, and in the Iliad A poll prepares the body if Sarandon for burial. Not to mention that Pollon himself buries Dionysos when killed by the titans….I have s lot to say about that…but another post lol

  1. You know that feeling you get when you eat a lot of greasy food and your skin feels gross and the inside of your mouth feels gross, but then you have a glass of water and a piece of fruit and you instantly feel better? That’s what miasma/purification is like for me. The things like death, menstruation, and defecation are just normal human things that make us feel gross. Practically speaking, it’s important to be mindful of physical cleanliness around death and defecation, being that those two things will spread disease very quickly if you don’t observe some basic hygiene. None of these things are bad things, per se, but things that will potentially cause problems if we’re not careful. It’s more nuanced than “sin.” Unwholesome speech and unwholesome action fall into that category because they have the potential for causing us problems.
    Menstruation poses exactly zero barrier to right relationship with the Gods and I don’t feel right lumping it in with some of this other stuff. It’s messy, but not inherently disease-causing. It might be more like purification than miasma, biologically speaking. I dunno how I feel about it, to be honest, except that I’m uncomfortable lumping it in with miasma. One of these things is not like the others.
    Acts of purification reveal our human potential for awesomeness. I feel perfectly okay going to Apollo as a gross hairless ape and asking Him to help me be better.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that I’m nodding in agreement in your general direction.

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