31 days/ day 9

Common mistakes about Leto:

I wouldn’t say that there are exactly common mistakes being made about Leto as most don’t give much thought about her outside of being mother to Apollon and Artemis…well and that the twins have acted rather violantly to settle score on her behalf more than once (which kinda full stops any idea of Leto being all sweetness and light).

Perhaps therein is the common misconception of Leto, that just being token “mom” isn’t all she is just as no mother out there is just a mom. As a goddess who came from Hyperboreia,  we can see from previous posts that while much about her cult history may now be as ambiguous as the goddess herself (a sad note about history in that no one thinks to write what is common unless as a footnote toward something else), it is clear that her cult was likely a rich and beautiful one…especially in Anatolia where she was synthetic to a powerful mother goddess of the region. It is quite probable that Leto fills a sphere similar, tho different, to Rhar *who herself probably doesn’t have either the recognition on a common level that is deserving.  

That is perhaps the biggest misconception there, that as powerful and beloved as she was to be included in temples of her children that she has no power and status outside of their worship.


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