31 days/ day 7

Name, titles and epithets:

The common interpretation of her name is ” to move unseen” which tends to be further interpreted as ” demure or modest”. I have a hard wrapping my mind around that meaning tho that they are coming to. For me the operative word is unseen. This suggest something of a more occult nature of the titanide. This would certainly makes sense given the sacredness of mettle to as differentiated from its sacredness to Aphrodite as a marital wreath. That for Leto it would apply in hidden occult manifestation….the initiate “brides” new to the mysteries. Certainly the rites of the Acherons in Athens to A pollon were supposedly in the cave of Ions birth below the ageopagus. There the names were inscribed on plaques bearing the myrtle wreath.  This connects firmly to Leto identity I feel. Although Socrates gives her name also from gentleness which also seems often appropriate. 

It is also why I tend agree with this interpretation rather than from the L ydian “lada” referring to woman or lady. While that would make sense if the name Leto were a title.. it seems even in that case the Hellenic meaning is mire descriptive. 

While I personally call her lady of frogs, or serpent mother, there doesn’t appear to be any titles or epithets I gave noted for this goddess that were preserved. So it seems to be left to modern innovation. 


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