31 Days of Devotion: day 1

Basic introduction of my chosen deity

Sorry for errors in writing. I am doing this all from my phone and auto correct is my worse enemy lol.

I bet y’all think I am going to spend the next 31 days writing about beloved lord Apollon. Nope! I will be writing about his mother Leto.

Leto does not get much attention invested in her by modern worshippers and yet there is plenty of evidence that Leto had a significant cult following. While she did share in many of ghe temples of her children, Leto had her own sanctuary complexes in places such as Delos and in Lycia. A  titanide  (a female titan) usually overlooked as possessing a limited character and divine function as a simple divine mother figure and lauded such due to bringing forth the twins by modern standards, fails to recognize the complex nature of the goddess hailed in the ancient world. It does not acknowledge her association as an underworld goddess, or even her association with serpents which caused her to be linked to Wadjet or Buto by Hellenes in Egypt where she was recognized in form not far unlike the anamorphic form of Delphyne as a dragon woman. Certainly this heavily veiled goddess had several mythic connections with creatures that were transitory and often elusive creatures such as frogs, wolves, shrew and serpents (both her parents having serpent associations in their perspective domains). Yet she is also the honey bee goddess and nurturer of life even when hidden as she is in the very depths of the hive. Still mythical as Apollon’s son Aristaios made the first apiary for raising domestic honey bees from the carcass of oxen reminds us that her role as a mother connects in a way that death and rot nourishes and provides the most fertile grounds for life to be sustained. She is, after all, the mother of  Apollon Pythios (to rot). It is perhaps pertinent thst the female womb, unlike other creatures,  issues from it blood and decaying uterine material that she is petitioned to encourage the spark of life to take hold in the hidden engorged dark grounds of the womb. Leto is mother and veiled lady of decay both all in one breath even as she is described as possessing great beauty and grace and being of the most kind countenance. A familial trait it would seem given that from her sister Asteria was birthed Hekate who in turn bears such close resemblance to Artemis.  Even the emblem she often carries like a spiraling branch bares some symbolic similarity to a sacred road…perhaps to the netherworld.


1 thought on “31 Days of Devotion: day 1

  1. Reblogged this on Gangleri's Grove and commented:
    I’ve been delighted to see several people doing the 31 days of devotion — far too many for me to reblog here! Im reading as many as I can and learning a lot of new things. It’s very cool.

    Since i’ve still got the Apollo contest going on though, I decided to share this about His mother. I didn’t know anything about Her so I’m really glad Lykeia chose to explore Leto for this project. (I’ve also seen Antinous, Hermes, Hestia, Tyr, Lugh, the Tetrad+++…folks, post your pages here in the comments if you like. I think it’d be cool to share plus i’m probably missing some). Anyway, here is the page on Leto:

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