Images of Prostateria

Photos from my Prostateria ritual depicting the offerings at the shrines of Apollon and the preliminary offerings at the shrine of Dionysos as lord of the fermenting alchemy of winter that the divine generation of spring comes as Apollon Prostaterios, the lord of the doors flings wide the doors of spring with the birth of the young of beasts of the herds. Apollon’s small metal image has been perfumed with the sandalwood oil, he has been fed the blessed honey of his divine nurses the Thyraia, he has been nursed as the sweet milk, and given the sacred waters of the two rivers (symbolically through the water offered to him). Khaire Apollon! Hail Apollon Prostaterios!

*the small painting before his main cult statue is a palm sized icon I made of the babe Apollon with a lamb amid spring flowers, as the gentle winds of Zephyrus begin to blow.


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