Blessings of Noumenia

First I have to say that of all household festivities that I love Noumenia, as the beginning of the new lunar month there is a certain spirit of happiness and merriment in the environment of feasting and celebrating. In many ways it is the shared feast between the household gods and the people of the household as we come together and honor them. Typically it is a time to honor any and all gods of the house at the household altar. Any deity that bestows blessings upon your home and family is worth of joining the festivities of the occasion.

For me this is a time of paying special attention to the condition of the altars, and now that I have a new and improved Agyieus “stone” to give appropriate attention towards the garlanding and ribbon or fillet adorning of this monument of Apollon before the doors, as we honor Apollon Noumenios, the lord of the Noumenia. In many ways my frame of thought towards the monthly Noumenia is similar to that of how I approach the annual Theoxenia festival of Apollon, in which he is the host of the banquet but the focus is not on him. Therefore I give him offerings first following those of Hestia, and adorn his image,  and then follow through with honoring the goddess Selene from the appearance again of the newly shining moon in the heavens, Zeus Kteosis, and then follow through with giving worship to the gathering of the household gods before we sit to feast. Sadly as this is a lean month our feasting will be very very minimal since payday is a couple days off still and the cupboards are lean. All the same it is worthy of giving notice and honor to the gods even without the feast for aiding us in what little we have had that we have not gone hungry and that we have had warmth and shelter. The fact that it is without the sweets and delicacies usually enjoyed, there is much to be thankful for all the same.

On that note, may Apollon Noumenios, Hestia, Zeus Kteosis and all the host of the gods of your household bestow blessings on you for this new month!


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