New Website with Prints available

Thanks to being tipped off about this website that I had previously not known existed, I have uploaded a lot of my paintings to it making them available as prints. It is a pretty wide range of images from Greek, to Roman, Egyptian and Heathen. I had been previously offering prints via etsy but my problem with that is that to fees to post the prints was far outweighing any income I got from prints (which is rare at that). With this website I have a very easy way to put up new work available (and won’t have to print them myself lol). I will post updates of new pieces I put up here on my blog to keep folks apprised of new art that is available. My hope is to start generating a realistic income from my art. Not only that but as this website allows you to also indicate that the original art is also available, it is a good way for folks to know what original works are available for sale too 😀



8 thoughts on “New Website with Prints available

    • I certainly have my fingers crossed that it works out better for me. Being able to make one post and have a variety of ways and forms of offering it rather than having to pay for a ton of listings is by far much easier on me (and hopefully on customers too as it is condensed lol)

  1. You are extremely gifted artist! Your prints are unique & show the Deities in their best light.
    Congratulations & much success!

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