The Next Evolution of My Shrine

Due largely to constructional issues (as in my toddler interfering with the construction of the bookshelf that served as my previous shrine space for my fire service to Apollon, Artemis and Dionysos) it was forced into an early, and ultimately more satisfactory, evolution. In fact, it allowed me to place things in a foci to Apollon while giving appropriate equal space to each of the deities present without infringement. I plan on having eventually a representation of Pan between Apollon and Dionysos even as Leto is as of yet minor presence between Apollon and Artemis. Hestia meanwhile takes her place at the small altar before the shrine representing the duties and services of fire tending. Eventually I will need to get many more oil lamps to appropriately observe as I felt directed in this path of my worship.

In some ways it is hard to let go of previous incarnation of shrines, as each had something beautiful to lend. Yet everything is change, and even the environment of the worship is able and likely to evolve especially when unhindered to do so when one’s worship is linked to their ever changing and evolving relationship with the gods more so than rote attachment to tradition. Interesting this latest incarnation of the shrine once again faces the doorway, even though I have a small place of worship beside the door themselves. That these gods ever observe all those who enter and depart the house.





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