Value in a Sacred Box

In my house Apollon has a lovely box from a craft store decorated with Irises. This is not a new thing for me at all as in my youth Artemis had one as well, except hers was wooden and decorated with wood burned symbols. In my youth, at some point I had decided that a devotional sacred box was a good thing as it was a place to keep the most sacred things gifted to the deity or pertaining to your (and your household’s) relationship with the deity as a prominent deity in one’s life and household. Sadly my box for Artemis was one of many things lost to Katrina and contained many things crammed inside lost forever that were given and sacrificed to the goddess. The first clippings of my eldest daughter’s hair, the shorn length of my own hair when I got married and again when I got divorced, jewelry and stones, small trinkets and charms.  In many ways it is like the time capsule of love and adoration.  Apollon’s own box prominently has within it the cord woven by my friend Beth for my special ceremony a few years ago.  Apollon also has a smaller trinket box from Greece that bears his likeness that was itself a gift in which I keep a small shell from the island I was born, a few special gemstones and tiny tokens most of which are in there because they particularly address his domain rather than specifically my relationship to him (other than the shell that is).

Sometimes I imagine and think that perhaps at some point the humble box will be upgraded (and other prominent gods in my household are due theirs as well) to small beautiful chests in which my children, grandchildren and further descendants can perhaps add to them. Of course it is possible and likely that this will not happen, but I still dream of the possibility, of hope chests of adoration and familial connection to the gods of the household. A tangible link of energies and memories if you will.


4 thoughts on “Value in a Sacred Box

  1. Reblogged this on Gangleri's Grove and commented:
    I really, really like the idea of having a devotional box to store the sacred implements and important gifts given to one’s God. I’ve done this in the past with Odin, but at the end of my ordeal cycle, committed it to flame in offering. I may have to start this again…it is beautiful and I thank you, Lykeia, for sharing.

  2. Love this! I have a box like that for my spirit Husband, and for Dionysos I have something a bit different – an open dish where I put tokens of all the rituals and other experiences I have had with Him over just the past year (wine corks, dried flowers, etc.), which will be burned at the end of it and re-started next year.

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