Working on my first product line

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am refurbishing my store to be more worship product to go with the devotional art and icons. Whereas the icons and art will still come in a huge variety as inspiration strikes, the supplies of worship are tailor made for deities that I have either a long history with or a strong devotional relationship with. This will be the core fire keeping deities I serve Hestia, Apollon, Artemis and Dionysos as well as some products for Aphrodite, and Poseidon who have been long term deities in my household and worship. My narrow focus will allow me to provide for deities in a way that is more strongly linked to the deity than would be the case for deities that I do not have a long term or significant devotional relationship with.

Naturally my first forays are going to be for Apollon, for obvious reasons. With this being the Hyperborea season I will be making up blends of anointing oil, incense and infused olive oil for lamp burning for him as Hyperboreios and Lykeios. I am hoping that by the time that Prostateria comes along in February with his Theban birth celebrated in Boeotia, Delphi and among the Spartans, that I will have a special incense blend ready to be placed in the shop for this occasion as well as a small bottle of special oil blend to be orderable a full month, or two months, before the festival. Festival specific blends will be limited time available only around the time of the festival and would not be available again until the next year.

But as it is winter I figure that starting with a winter blend will be the best. Candles may come later on down the line but for right now I am keeping it limited to botanical oil mixtures for anointing oils, incense and burning oil just so I don’t have too much I am trying to do at once. As I have mentioned before I already have raw amber coming overseas which I will have in a few weeks to be crafted into the foci strands for worshippers and devotees. These will be readily available in my shop as soon as they are crafted, blessed and ready to go out. I am hoping to have my first blends ready to go out by the winter holidays if anyone has in mind for a gift idea for a devotee!

While I don’t plan on posting too often about my shop, I will be sure to post when new products of worship are available as in keeping with the spirit of this blog as one to facilitate worship.


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