Plans for Lykeia Botanica

So I have plans to do some work on my shop. I have decided to not offer devotional jewelry anymore, and statues will be limited supply as I create them, same with paintings and prints. But I am going to turn my focus more towards items for use in actual regular worship. The first among these I have already order supplies for and that is the amber Apollon “rosary”, inspired by the rudraska worn by Siva devottees during worship to bring them closer to their god, these tears of Apollon, the very substance of Apollon will be designed to be similar worn. The strands will be fairly simple with a headbead made out of a very small variety of materials that one can choose from. The amber itself is raw natural beads being shipped from overseas.

I am also dusting off my oils and candles plan to make specific candles and oil for devotional worship for Apollon. This will also probably include some small basic worship kits and actually getting into incense making which I kept sitting on the backburner. I may do similar for a very small handful of deities such as Leto, Artemis and Dionysos for instance but I think overall it is best to keep my focus very small to do the most complete service possible to a few deities rather than trying to overreach myself. This will also keep down my overhead costs. As my new devotional service includes these three gods as well as Hestia, you will be certain to see these four deities in my store in one form or another over the next few months as I get things together. Plans also include special deity specific oil brews for olive oil lamps 🙂 I will keep every one posted as new stuff is added to the shop!


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