Boedromia and the Departure of Apollon

The Autumn Equinox marks the departure of Apollon, and ironically this year Boedromia, a festival which celebrates Apollon as savior through evoking fear (which I still stand behind having something to do with repelling unwanted spirits), falling on the day of his departure is kind of an odd feeling….yet perhaps not so abnormal when you think of it that Apollon would be driving out evil, a helping god as he departs, even though I do not often think that these occasions would have fallen so close together, but it works. And as Boedromia is the last festival of Apollon before the autumn equinox it is not surprising that their may be a correlation there in one way or another.

As I am focusing on Apollon Lykeios as Apollon Hyperboreios, one who is not so much afar as not connected to civilization and humanity in a tangible or noticeable way, he is the god in the depths of nature as much as the god in the sacred garden of the next world. He is a god that is hidden in plain sight, the wolf prowling the twilight hours, the wolf who is denning in the sacred caverns awaiting to receive Dionysos. Howling force, cleansing and liberating the people, paving the way even as Persephone descends to her husband, hallowed and pure. Meanwhile the air is cool and the autumn leaves are rustling on the trees, as the snow threatens to descend from the mountains where it currently wrests. Apollon Lykeios sings with primal power as Dionysos is laughing with mad delight in the hour of Boedromia and Apollon’s departure, for the wild presence of the wild god, his beloved brother, emerging.


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