A Change in seasons, Noumenia and My New Shrine

Nothing is more profound in moving than when it comes to that moment you set up your shrine in your new house. The way the shrine manifests in your new home is an exciting time because it never manifests the same way. In a new home it lays the groundwork for an entirely new type of work and devotional direction. It is exciting, exhilarating…and uncertain. There is a dread of “what if it falls apart” or ” what if this doesn’t work right”. Yet when it comes together it is a moment of beauty….a new season in your devotional life and daily life all at once.

I have finally gotten moved into my new house. It was an exhausting amount of work to accomplish in such a short time, but to have it all finished before the Noumenia is a great reward to be able to really enjoy my house and the shrines of my gods in completion in greeting the new month. What is more who knew that this would be a month for such a new direction to take shape in my life. I am delving more into my relationship with Dionysos, but having a new direction in my relationship with Apollon is a new adventure. His space is enclosed, like a den surrounded by swaths of cloth, he is the one who loves the hidden places. He is set apart. He is as the raging fire and so his lamp is within his small enclosure with his cult image on his shrine. The enclosure being made from a small metal table brings to mind of a feeling of a hearth or an iron brazier that contains the living flame. I have considered for some time that Hestia is not so much the fire herself in the strictest sense but as a goddess of the hearth and lady of the oiled locks she is that which contains and sustains the fire. This would well explain the myth of Apollon’s attraction and infatuation and desire to marry her (and her subsequent dwelling within his temple at Delphi as well as at Olympos). In the case of more chthonic fire which is more magmatic in its nature I would even suggest this has associations with concepts of Romans associating Vesta with the earth. We know the devouring and warming fires of the hearth, and we know the solar fires which operates in unity with Helios. The fire, the raging winds, these are Apollon, and which are going to be important to me this winter I feel. And so I see perhaps why I was strongly motivated during the construction of this new manifestation of the shrine to have it in this form. The wolf in his den, the flame burning within the iron brazier,ย  the god of illumination shining from the hidden places. To have a divination given to me in which it was suggested to me that I may want to engage in fire keeping the very next day after setting up this shrine was quite a big revelation to me as to why I was pushed towards this end, a compelling I could not ignore.

A new season is coming around, and the slight apathy I had been feeling before has shed away given way to excitement towards what is to come. Devotion to the lord of the raging elements, the living giving and destroying. The wolfish one. Hail Apollon!



5 thoughts on “A Change in seasons, Noumenia and My New Shrine

      • Your point about Hestia as the hearth surrounding the fire has been significant for me. Not having a fireplace in my house (and the cooking fire *should* be linked to a Chinese stove god, but I share a house with others), thus far I’ve honored Hestia as the sacrificial flame rather than the household “hearth,” but I realized after reading what you wrote that while the candles I use to burn incense come and go, it is the candle holder that has remained constant and central…like Hestia herself. So thanks for helping me come to this realization!

      • Aside from the hearth (which was only inside some temples) Hestia is linked to the house in which carries the soul of the family (the agathos daimon and all the ancestors as well as the current living within it), and is identified with Olympos itself. In more regular worship terms she herself is the altar which serves much of the same purpose as the hearth…holding aloft the sacrificial flames and sustaining them to transmit the burnt offerings to the gods. Without a hearth in the home the main household altar itself could be considered too an abode of Hestia…..but a candle holder (in the same vein as lamps which were sacred to her) is quite meaningful as well ๐Ÿ™‚ glad this gave you some inspiration regarding her place in your household religion.

      • Since I practice multiple culturally-specific traditions, household worship is a bit tricky, since Chinese traditions take precedence in my household. But when making offerings to Hellenic gods, I make offerings to Hestia first and last.

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