Maybe Someday

I mentioned on my facebook just now that there is a little known fact that when I moved back to Alaska I had grand dreams of putting together “Hyperborean” retreats to honor Apollon and Artemis. Despite the name these would have been summer retreats were people could escape to the cool far northern climate and get involved in a woodland series of mysteries and programs for about three days to a week (depending on how ambitious I was and attendees were) to have a focused worship period for Apollon (who despite being a god often intimately linked with civilization was a god that was often honored in out of the way places such as in swamps, outside of cities and in the mountains particularly. I liked the idea of having a kind of esoteric thing which focused on getting to know the twins in a very primal way. Alaska it self has a very primal quality to its surroundings once you leave Anchorage, which really makes it ideal I think for connecting to the twins in such a retreat and workshop series.

Of course when reality struck that as expensive as travel is to get up here that it would high limit people’s ability to come up here for such retreats I never went into full planning phase, still it was never removed from the burner so to speak. There is still that niggle there that it is something I would like to do, an emphasis on the compassion of the gods so connected to the wild spaces that brings forth civilization to flourish by their grace. So I put it out there as a “maybe someday”.


2 thoughts on “Maybe Someday

  1. Oooh such a wonderful thought. Even if I am not a follower of those particular deities the idea is beautiful. The kind of idea that makes me go… “hm… what if I would…?” and gets me dreaming of something similar. x)

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