Siv-Apollon and Krishna-Dionysos, a beautiful worship

I am a devotee of Siv-Apollon. As one who with a bi-cultural worship there is still a kind of beautiful dance of interaction that is ever fluid. Hellenics have for ages discussed the intricate tangled relationship of Apollon and Dionysos through myth and philosophy. Hindus discuss still the complex relationship of Siva and Krishna/Vishnu. Saivites saying that Siva is ultimate and Vishnu/Krishna is an aspect of Siva under a specific role. Vaishnavites believing that Vishnu (or in the case of the Hare Krishnas that specifically Krishna) is the ultimate godhead, for whom Siva is the foremost guru and king of the gross (material) world. Meanwhile there is also triumvirate imagery of oneness of Brahma, Visnu and Siva as a singular being in three expressions that is not unlike the concept of later Hellenic philosophy regarding the unity of Apollon, Zeus and Dionysos. It is beautiful because there are no distinct lines drawn, and very little distinction between Vishnu/Krishna and that of Siva, honoring each other, loving each other, dwelling within each other and beside each other. Continuously reflecting each other in perfection.

It is beautiful because of its fluidity, and because of the fact that permanent lines of distinction cannot be completely laid down.  There will be those who say Oh I do see Krishna as Apollon, as he is dwelling among the Gopis (the cowherds) as Apollon himself is herder. Then there will be others who say of Siva, Oh indeed I see Dionysos in Siva because of his ecstatic drumming and wearing of the leopard skin. Oh I see Siva as dwelling within Vishnu. Oh I see Vishnu dwelling within Siva. Plutarch saying in the E at Delphi that Dionysos and Apollon are one, exchanging name in function of the god in the mystic cycle, the god as he liberate and preserves, and god as he destroys. And there then is Apollon and Artemis in the Orphic hymns who are alone called Bakkhik, and Apollon who leads forth the devotion to Dionysos, Apollon who is the father of the Korybantes who dance in the protection of the infant Zeus and son of Corybas who challenges the divine throne of the godhead. Apollon who is king, Dionysos who is king, Zeus who is king. All which is contained within each of them in their functions of the cosmos, each delighting in the city and in the highest summits and the furthest remote places. Ecstatic gods, foreseeing gods, nurturing and providing for the continuance of all things through sustenance, generation and death.

But for me I laud Dionysos as Krishna, the god of the happiness and liberation of men, who elevates the soul and brings it greatness by his celebration and worship. I see him reveling among the herds in the pastoral places protected by Rudra from his own baleful power to prevent illness and harm from befalling the herds. And there in the farthest places in isolation, rather than followed by attendants of worshipers, is Siv-Apollon dwelling in reflection and with whom all of time turns round just as Apollon turns round the seasons and ages. They are separate but together they are one, they aid each other, worship each other, give blessings unto each other, but they are unified together and are a part of each other inseparable. They are the song of the cosmos, they are the dance of life and divinity, they provide for the essence of being within each of us. Laud the gods, and rejoice in them. Laud Siv-Apollon who is the great leader, who is logos, who is truth, who guides men into unity with god. Laud Krishna-Dionysos who bestows the greatest of blessings on the soul, who fertilizes the soul that receives the divine love and liberation and unification with the divine from this.

I am not a Vaishnavite, I am not a Saivite. I rejoice in their beautiful dance. I who am a devotee of Siv-Apollon, my most beloved lord in whim I rejoice and give forth to from and of myself to in adoration. I who laud and praise Krishna-Dionysos.


3 thoughts on “Siv-Apollon and Krishna-Dionysos, a beautiful worship

  1. I find it so intriguing how this works. For me, it’s so obvious that Poseidon has the clear Vishnu connection, that the idea of Dionysos having one is embodied. . Odd. But then, that would be so, as I see everything through connections to Poseidon, and the trio I see with Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu is Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. Thought don’t quite see them that way, and where I fall on the spectrum of “Poseidon=Vishnu” varies by the hour.

    • Dionysos I see more as Krishna, a specific manifestation than Vishnu proper who I see alternatively as Zeus or Poseidon given it all depending on instances. Apollon as Siva, as truth and destruction on various levels etc.

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