An Adornment for Thee

For years there has been this compulsion this need to do a thing in honor of my lord. When I gave him vow and bowed before him in the Ceremony I imprinted his symbol into my flesh, a serpent coiled around my wrist for Siv-Apollon (for even then I was syncretic and my icon of him at the time was an intentional blending of the two cultural images much as I have been doing again, perhaps more successfully this time around). For his honor I sacrificed not only some funds, but also a moment of pain, the offering of my own flesh and blood to give honor to him in my joining my life in love and devotion to him.

Now it was the time to give again of my pain, my flesh and blood. This time I would give too of my tears. This time the offering is not only to honor him in demonstration of my love and devotion but also for his blessings for my marriage upcoming to a wonderful man in my life. In Hindu culture particularly, the nose ring has been a symbol of womanhood, and especially of the status of a married woman. Therefore as a bride of my lord it is of my commitment to him that I offer my own brief suffering to get it done as I gasped for breath against the pain and tears leaked out of my eyes as it was pierced, the ring put in, then taken out again because it had gotten caught on a layer of skin, and then a guide tool being put in the ring put in again. The experience had me gasping out my pain, the tears flowed from the corners of my eyes  as if my eyes were burning and stinging themselves. But I endured for his honor, and that I may happily greet the lasting union of my marriage to my fiancée.

Hail to you my lord.


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