Online Stores and Art for Sale

Although I do not talk about my art things much on here, that is probably something I should remedy. Or at least give weekly posts regarding anything new that is available for sale. I do devotional statues, paintings, drawings and whatever else I may feel compelled to produce.

There are several places where you can see and acquire prints and original artwork by yours truly. ***Note that  even if it is not officially offered in a store I can usually make a print out of any of my paintings if you like one that I haven’t put up available as a print.

Currently I have several original paintings that are waiting for an opportunity to go to new homes, the newest among which is an oil painting of Serapis, and several more which are nearly completion. All transactions accept paypal for payment.

There is my etsy shop “Lykeia’s Botanica” at

LykeiaBotanica is also a presence on facebook, which I am going to be working on getting better at updating when I have new stuff available at my shop:

There is my cafepress shop that I stumbled across today and am planning on dusting off and loading more stuff for products featuring my artwork:

Lastly, in general there is my deviantart account where I randomly post various kinds of artwork I have done when I remember to do so:

Ideally, like most aspiring artsy types, I would like to grow my business to the point of at least being partially sustainable income so that I could reduce my day job hours to free up more time for my true work and calling. So every sale is a movement in the right direction 🙂


4 thoughts on “Online Stores and Art for Sale

  1. Reblogged this on Gangleri's Grove and commented:
    Check out Lykeia’s blog. She is selling devotional art. Her work is beautiful (she has been kind enough to contribute to several prayer cards too!) and inexpensively priced. I think it’s a sacred thing, a holy thing, a needed thing to bring images and art of our Gods into the world. There’s magic in that and it’s something I personally want to foster and support. there’s also something really neat about owning A) an image of one’s Gods and B) a piece of original art. I’m of the belief that everyone should own a piece of original art at some point. I know a lot of us have this idea that it’s well beyond our means, but it isn’t. Her prices are astoundingly low. Art is another way the Gods work on our world. Go. look. buy. 🙂

  2. I never seem to have enough money at the right time. Such is the curse of always chasing after “things.” So while I pay down some of my debt and sell off a crapload of books, all I can do is wistfully sigh.

    • I understand completely. I often find myself in that situation too and am trying to currently catch up on bills. However, if at any point you see something you really like and want do a payment plan I am always down with those 🙂

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